Apple’s second retail store in Bangkok, Thailand, is about to open. Apple removed the enclosure outside the store to show passers-by the inside of the store. According to the opening date recorded on the temporary baffle, the store was originally planned to open on July 25. It’s not clear why Apple missed the date, but with today’s panorama, the store seems likely to open as soon as this weekend.

Apple’s official website has not yet mentioned a specific date, but said on the page of its retail website that the store will open soon.

the new store is located in Central World Mall in Bangkok. It is Apple’s second store after the existing apple Icon store in Thailand. The first store opened in November 2018.

the new store in Bangkok is a two-story circular structure that houses wooden product tables arranged in a circular pattern around the central spiral staircase. Along the wall, visitors can try out various apple accessories, such as headphones and shells, while on the second floor is Apple’s typical forum area, which has a huge screen for playing videos and displaying documents.