In yesterday’s (October 12) U.S. stock trading, Apple’s rising share price attracted the attention of many short sellers. According to the data, Apple’s short position is US $10.86 billion, with 92.8 million short shares, accounting for 0.54% of the total number of shares in circulation. Apple’s stock borrowing and lending fee is 0.4%. It is reported that apple is currently the third largest short in the US market, after Tesla( TSLA.US )And Alibaba( BABA.US )。 < / P > < p > in the past month, Apple’s stock has been shorting about 12.5 million shares, worth $1.46 billion. It can be seen that the number of short shares increased by 15.5% with the stock price rising by 4.4%. Although Apple’s short selling has slowed in the past week, it still has 2 million net short sales, worth $238 million, as its share price rises by 3.5%. < / P > < p > for short sellers, it may not be a good choice to short Apple stock in 2020, because the annual market value loss of the stock after deducting financing has reached $5.91 billion. Short positions have fallen by $786 million since October, including $679 million yesterday (October 12). < / P > < p > if the stock price continues to rise driven by good news, it is expected that there will be a wave of short covering in the future, and the stock short trend will fall back to the level of 76 million shares. As can be seen from the figure, this situation occurred in early September. It is expected that this concentrated short covering plus long buying will push Apple’s share price higher, thus returning to the annual high of $137 on September 1 Point. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities