Apple Corp is exploring the use of high-speed, but short distance transmission of optical wireless communication system to assist self driving vehicles, such as rumors of " Apple automobile " Autopilot requires uploading and downloading large amounts of data in a safe and effective environment. Although sensors and computer vision play a certain role, self driving vehicles still need external data, such as current traffic and map information. < / P > < p > as pointed out in Apple’s patent application released on Thursday, most wireless communication systems can’t provide enough bandwidth to handle the large amount of data flow needed to realize safe automatic driving. Other factors include cost, scope, delay and environmental challenges. < p > < p > Apple has proposed that optical wireless communication (OWC) systems can provide higher throughput and reduce complexity, which is very suitable for short-range wireless communication. More specifically, OWC hardware can be used when autonomous vehicles are within the scope of urban infrastructure equipped with appropriate mechanisms. < / P > < p > & quot; these solutions can be deployed in transport infrastructure (e.g. traffic lights, lamp posts, vehicle charging stations) to communicate with vehicles. Depending on the implementation of the infrastructure, these OWC solutions may include either a fixed point-to-point OWC configuration (for example, for charging station infrastructure) or a fixed point-to-mobile point OWC configuration (for example, for traffic lights or lamp post infrastructure), & quot; the patent states.

solution can be used as a quality of service system, which can provide the ability to determine and share data for autopilot cars even if they are faced with loss of connection or other service interruptions. Data that may be transferred from the vehicle to the cloud, or vice versa, can include smart parking information; in-flight firmware or software updates; entertainment services; weather alerts; and traffic information. < / P > < p > compared with 5g and other all wireless systems, OWC urban infrastructure plan can alleviate the bandwidth problem of real-time services. For example, a 5g connection may require several communication paths, or hops, each of which increases the signal delay.

in other words, smart city infrastructure can provide connections for self driving cars through OWC hardware. But of course, this requires a large-scale network of intelligent Internet of things devices across cities to work effectively. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”