It’s up to the class to get rid of Apple’s sluggish innovation in the next decade. On September 16, Beijing time, cook appeared on time in the live broadcast of Apple’s press conference, which was his tenth year as CEO of apple and the last year of his contract term. < p > < p > time back to August 25, 2011, jobs, who was seriously ill, announced his resignation as CEO of apple and nominated Tim Cook to take charge of the company. At that time, the outside world was not familiar with cook and his ability was full of doubts. However, cook made the best response with the rising share price. During his nine years in charge, Apple has become the company with the highest market value in the world. How to evaluate cook? I’m afraid it’s as difficult as evaluating historical figures. Of course, we can’t judge cook by Steve Jobs’s standards, otherwise cook is definitely a loser. Jobs and cook are two different kinds of people. Jobs is a gifted product manager with brilliant wisdom, excellent eloquence, and spiritual Godfather like magic; while cook is better at business operation and is an operation talent with a holistic view. For example, if we put apple in the historical story, jobs must be the world’s champion, while cook is the defender. From this point of view, cook is no worse than jobs. < p > < p > Steve Jobs is a devout Zen believer. He believes in minimalism and penetrates this concept into Apple products. When he left, cook left cook with almost three minimalist product lines of iphonei padpod, but cook went against jobs’ wishes. < / P > < p > after cook took over, there are more and more iPhone models, such as iPhone se, plus, pro, Max The words used for naming are running out of words. The same is true for the iPad. The ipad Mini, which jobs regarded as having no market, was very popular as soon as it was launched. Later, it also launched products with different positioning, such as iPad air and iPad pro Facts have proved that cook did the right thing. While expanding its products wildly, cook has won more markets and users for apple. < / P > < p > If & quot; I & quot; The products with the beginning of the word are the precious wealth that jobs left to cook. Then the apple Watch released in 2014, apple pencil in 2015, airpods in 2016 and homepod in 2017 are all cook LED products with cook brand. Take the best-selling airpods as an example, it is as high as 35% According to the analysis of developers, if airpods is compared to a company, its market value in 2020 is expected to be 175 billion US dollars, almost equal to the entire Nike Company. However, cook’s most farsighted strategy is to establish a sound software and hardware ecology. Once you have an iPhone, you want to experience the whole set of Apple products and services. This is the personal experience of every Apple user. For cook and apple, based on the closed and powerful IOS ecology, they can freely try other business models. In the apple conference in recent years, apple music, Apple New +, Apple TV + and icloud are all available More and more services have been mentioned, which provide a continuous impetus for Apple’s future development.

but there is a phenomenon that is also worth the apple alert. Unlike the Jobs era, the apple conference in Cook era is hard to arouse interest. Many people make complaints about Apple conference at Tucao more and more meaningless. Indeed, even if it is a first-class product experience and first-class content service, it is difficult to make up for the embarrassing situation caused by the lack of innovation. Jeff Williams is regarded as Apple’s No.2 figure by the outside world. He has always been regarded as a potential successor of apple. At present, his position is apple COO (chief operating officer), and cook was promoted from this position to CEO at that time. If cook retires in the year of Ming, it is natural for Jeff to take over cook. < / P > < p > Jeff Williams is like cook’s shadow. They all have MBA degrees from Duke University. They all worked at IBM for more than 10 years in the 1990s, and even their fields of expertise are very close. Before joining apple, Jeff held many operations and engineering positions. After joining apple in 1998, he became the global purchasing director, responsible for product planning, purchasing and logistics. In 2010, he took over the global operation of all Apple products. In 2015, he was promoted to COO (chief operating officer) of apple. Last year, he took over the position of Jony Ive (Jonathan Ivey), who started to lead Apple’s design team, was responsible for the design of all Apple hardware and software. < / P > < p > Jeff also has abilities that cook does not have. In the eyes of many people, cook is more like a businessman, because cook is a manager who pays more attention to operation than to products. He seldom participates in the process of product development. However, Jeff is obviously more enthusiastic about the product than cook. He will personally participate in the product development. If you have seen the press conference the other day, you will make complaints about Apple Watch completed by Jeff, because Apple Watch is the main development of the Apple Watch. The first generation of Apple Watch has been released for 6 years. By now, many people can’t do without intelligent housekeeper and sports health assistant, which is inseparable from Jeff’s thorough understanding and precise positioning of products. From this perspective, Jeff is also an excellent product manager. < / P > < p > in addition to the apple watch, Jeff has also participated in the early research and development of iPhone 4, but it has been too long. Moreover, the dilemma apple is facing is much more difficult than that of the iPhone 4 period. Especially when Jonathan runs away, whether the design team led by Jeff can maintain a leading edge It is also a question mark whether the apple under its leadership can take on a brand-new look. < / P > < p > in the hearts of many Apple fans, they may still be dreaming that apple can return to the era of jobs and that era of rapid change, but obviously this is impossible. Fantasy is fantasy. Apple has developed into a great company. Its greatness is destined to not only stay at the product level, but should have more yuan way. We can see that apple is now taking on more social responsibilities, paying attention to environmental protection, personal privacy, education equality and personal health And that could be hard to happen under jobs. However, it must be admitted that Apple has indeed slowed down its innovation in recent years. Of course, lag in innovation is not the only problem facing apple. At the time point when the whole world is moving towards 5g and Internet of things, Apple has to face new challenges, even new battlefields. Whether it can lead the next wave of technological consumption again remains to be answered in the future. Privacy Policy