The new iPhone in the fall will be equipped with A14 processor based on 5nm technology. According to TSMC, 5nm is in mass production. In fact, in addition to 5nm A14, < / P > < p > according to industry sources, a14x is the first chip of Apple silicon, and its R & D code is Tonga. By the end of the year, it will be used on a 12 inch MacBook as the CPU to replace the Intel x86 solution. < p > < p > the 12 inch MacBook features a retina screen, weighs less than 1 kg, and has a range of 15-20 hours. In addition to supporting the new 12 inch MacBook, it will also be used in the iPad Pro product line. < / P > < p > as for the second GPU product, there are traces to follow. Apple has canceled the support of amdgpu in the Mac OS System for arm64. In fact, Apple’s self-developed mobile phone GPU is full of experience. Now it is necessary to expand the technology to the desktop (used in IMAC). Power consumption, performance are one aspect, and ecological support is also provided. Global Tech