Did Apple really build a car? According to the global auto supply chain news, it will be released in February 2029. In fact, rumors about Apple’s car making have been growing since Apple began to lay out its auto industry in 2013. However, according to Apple’s past practice, the product will not disclose too much information before it is developed. At this time, the news that apple is going to build a car suddenly spread on a large scale. Maybe Apple car is coming.

after all, including Tesla, the rise of China’s new car drivers, and Amazon’s research and development of self driving cars are all eating the future of the smart car market. If Apple car is not released again, it may lose this opportunity completely. < / P > < p > it is well known in the industry that the release of iPhone has completely changed the development of the whole mobile phone industry. With the rise of apple and the decline of Nokia and other established mobile phone manufacturers, apple is undoubtedly at the top of technology companies, which also makes people mention apple and connect it with innovation, subversion and other words. < / P > < p > in this regard, Zhang Renjie, CEO of Volkswagen, told New Smart drive that Apple car can realize the connection of the whole ecological chain and the interconnection of various terminals to icloud. As long as its automatic driving technology reaches level L3 or above, it will be basically invincible. < / P > < p > however, Guo Jixun, director of GAC Research Institute, does not agree that Apple automobile will subvert the whole automobile industry chain. He believes that whether the core of the car made by apple is similar to Tesla and the new force of car making, or a new species, we have to wait until the specific product form comes out to judge. Now it is too early to say who to subvert. < / P > < p > in addition, he also said that it is not difficult for apple to build an ordinary electric car with a score of 60-70. The difficult thing is that Apple should have disruptive technology or unique user experience. After all, Apple’s brand is only a product with a score of 60, which is obviously not enough for apple. < / P > < p > at present, the whole product form of Apple automobile has not been announced, and we have no way to judge its real performance. It is undeniable that Apple’s ability in defining automobile digitalization is far stronger than that of most traditional automobile enterprises. < / P > < p > however, it is not difficult to build a car, but it is not easy for apple to build a good car and a car that can subvert the industry. < / P > < p > on the one hand, although the car can be seen as a large consumer electronics, it is still different from the mobile phone products. After all, the particularity of the driving scene will inevitably lead to the persistence of safety issues. < / P > < p > on the other hand, with regard to Apple’s most imaginative L4 level automatic driving, waymo is the first one to lay out the field of automatic driving in the world. Up to now, its L4 level and above automatic driving has not been able to realize the complete landing application. So, Apple’s automatic driving test mileage is far lower than waymo, and whether it is really competitive remains to be discussed. < / P > < p > based on this, in the view of new smart drive, Apple has the ability to define the digitalization of cars, but the road Apple has to go and the pit it has to step on is bound to be many. < / P > < p > once Apple does launch a new car, what we hope is that it can bring some new ideas, new technologies, new ideas and new product forms to the industry. < / P > < p > the history of Apple’s car making can be traced back to the period of jobs. However, it was not until 2013 that Apple officially launched the IOS in the car plan that it really began to lay out the auto industry. < / P > < p > it’s said that Apple has been building cars for seven or eight years. During this period, there are many arguments about car building within apple, and even the route of car building has deviated. < / P > < p > in the initial Titan project, the main goal was to build a car that subverted the industry. However, with the internal division, Apple seems to have given up the whole vehicle project and developed automotive software instead.

in June 2017, Cook acknowledged in an interview that apple is developing an autonomous driving system for the first time. He said: “I think the future software will become an increasingly important component of automobiles. Automatic driving will become more important. Apple will focus on the automatic driving system. This is a very important core technology, and it may also be the most difficult person for apple to carry out. It’s one of the smart projects. ” < / P > < p > until 2018, apple confirmed that Doug field, Tesla’s chief automotive engineer, had been poached back. Previously, Doug field was the vice president of Mac’s hardware department. His return to Apple was seen by the outside world as a sign of the resurgence of Apple’s car building project. < / P > < p > although Apple has not released its specific layout in the automotive industry, whether it has been releasing relevant patents or constantly recruiting relevant talents from other companies, it shows that Apple’s research on automobiles has never stopped. < / P > < p > in terms of patents, according to media statistics, apple won more than 30 patents in the automotive field in 2019, and nearly 40 patents by December 2020. These patents mainly involve automatic driving, AR navigation, vehicle VR, in car payment, biometrics, intelligent hardware, in car interaction, virtual rearview mirror and other fields. < / P > < p > in terms of talents, apple is committed to poaching talents from major enterprises, especially Tesla. Jonathan sive, its autopilot Hardware Director, was previously the head of hardware engineering for waymo vehicles and also the head of hardware engineering for Tesla. In 2018, Doug field, Tesla’s senior vice president of R & D and manufacturing, returned to Apple as vice president of SPG. In March 2019, Tesla’s vice president of electric drive systems, Dr. Michael schwekutsch, joined apple as the senior director of SPG. In July 2019, Steve MacManus, Tesla’s vice president of interior and exterior R & D, went to Doug field as the senior director of SPG. < / P > < p > in addition to tapping Tesla’s talents, the Taiwan media report also shows that Apple has directly adopted Tesla’s supply chain in Taiwan to build cars. According to the media, some Tesla suppliers in Taiwan, including Heda, FTU KY, Heqin, Futian and other enterprises, have entered the list of Apple’s suppliers and received requests for goods preparation. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that after the rumor of Apple making cars came out, Tesla founder and CEO musk tweeted that in the “darkest moment” of the model 3 project, he had talked to cook about the possibility of Apple acquiring Tesla, and the price was one tenth of the current market value, but kuck refused to meet. In terms of Tesla’s valuation, I don’t know if cook regrets that he refused the meeting. < / P > < p > to sum up, it is not difficult to see that Apple has the strength to develop and manufacture complete vehicles, but why hasn’t Apple launched its own car so far? < / P > < p > as mentioned above, Apple has never disclosed the news of its car building, because of its brand tone, that is, if it does not do a good job in the product, it will not publicize it. But in reality, in recent years, the development of artificial intelligence, 5g communication, cloud computing, chips and other technologies is not very perfect, and really want to create a car enough to subvert the industry, these are the most basic technologies. < / P > < p > at this time, it is reported that apple is about to launch a new car. For Apple itself, it is eager to find the next business growth point. At present, the growth of Apple’s mobile phone business has reached the ceiling, and its technological innovation ability is becoming more and more sluggish. From Apple’s recent new products, we can hardly see its great innovation. At the end of October, Apple released its financial report for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020. According to the financial report, Apple’s revenue was $64.698 billion, up 1% compared with the same period last year, and its net profit was $12.673 billion, down 8% compared with the same period last year. It is worth noting that Apple’s iPhone business revenue was $26.444 billion, down 20.7% year on year. < / P > < p > from the perspective of market scale, only in the Chinese market, under the favorable policy, it is estimated that by 2025, the sales volume of new energy vehicles will reach about 20% of the total vehicle sales, which means that even if the overall vehicle sales no longer grow, according to the sales volume of 25.769 million vehicles in 2019, the future market scale of new energy vehicles will exceed 5 million, which is the current trend It’s about five times as big. This is only the Chinese market. Looking around the world, most countries and regions are promoting the development of new energy vehicles. The market scale will increase by multiple. < / P > < p > however, now there are leaders in the market, and the expansion momentum is very strong, that is Tesla and new forces of Chinese car manufacturing. Tesla’s current market value has exceeded the sum of Toyota and Volkswagen, and Weilai’s market value once exceeded that of BMW Group. In addition, foreign technology giants such as Google and Amazon all have a deep layout in the field of automatic driving, and have achieved results, which undoubtedly brings huge pressure to apple. < / P > < p > based on this, when the global wave of smart cars is set off, a considerable number of enterprises have established themselves in this market. If Apple does not enter this industry again, it may completely lose the opportunity. < / P > < p > as for Apple’s car, what the industry is looking forward to is a product that can subvert the whole industry. Based on the current strength of apple, we are looking forward to an apple car that has the ability of automatic driving above L4 level. Through human-computer interaction, in car software can easily control car hardware, such as air conditioning, seats, windows, doors and ar HUD and other highly intelligent cars. < / P > < p > compared with other technology companies, Apple has the ability to redefine the digital car. On the one hand, Apple has strong hardware capabilities, including self-developed chips, processors, etc., to support its self driving system with independent research and development of chips, and isomorphic all terminals. < / P > < p > on the other hand, Apple’s IOS operating system can bring unlimited imagination to cars. At present, most of the in car operating systems on the market are based on Android or Linux. Compared with its open source, Apple’s IOS is more closed, and the stability and security of the whole system are superior. < / P > < p > in addition, Apple’s most powerful advantage lies in its broad ecological application scenarios. If Apple builds its own car, the ecological applications on Apple’s mobile phone can be seamlessly connected into the car. Moreover, based on Apple’s strong mobile phone ecology, it is also the only enterprise in the current market that has the hope to realize the closed-loop ecological full access in the car. < / P > < p > previously, Zhang Renjie explained the imagination of Apple car to the new smart car. In terms of intelligent cockpit, apple car does not need to develop a special car screen. It only needs to put the iPad in the car and open the control right in the car, so it can control all hardware through the iPad. At the same time, because the iPad is replaceable, after the next generation product is developed, the car’s hardware does not need to be replaced, just replace the iPad. He also believes that the most terrible thing about Apple is that no manufacturer understands the user experience better than apple. < / P > < p > there is no doubt that compared with traditional car companies, apple