At 1:00 a.m. on October 14, 2020, apple held its second autumn new product launch conference, officially launching the new iPhone 12 series. This conference launched a total of four new iPhones. While paying attention to the iPhone performance, Xiaobian also noticed that the iPhone 12 series adopted the magnetic suction wireless charging method. Moreover, the charging power is increased from 7.5W to 15W, which is doubled, and the vision of charging with discharge is realized to a certain extent. < / P > < p > as a giant in the technology industry, every move of Apple will cause a sensation. It is precisely because Apple dares to innovate that it attracts the attention of consumers. In fact, on the one hand, innovation can be understood as the introduction of products beyond other brands. For example, in the era when many mobile phone giants are still obsessed with the physical key machine, Apple has launched the iPhone 1 generation of 3.5-inch large screen hand machine. On the other hand, it can also be seen as Apple’s bold reform, such as cutting off the headphone interface on the iPhone 7 and supporting wireless charging on the iPhone 8 for the first time. < / P > < p > at present, the charging methods of equipment are mainly divided into wired and wireless charging modes, and wired is a very mature technology. Wireless charging is also gradually rising, and the charging power is constantly improving. However, compared with the 50W wireless charging power of Android terminal, Apple has been keeping the wireless charging speed of 7.5W. Throughout the history of Apple’s product development, Apple has been constantly exploring the field of wireless charging. When the iPhone 12 is released, I’d like to review the development history of Apple’s wireless charging. < p > < p > the iPhone is not Apple’s earliest product line. At the beginning, apple relied on personal computers to develop. The familiar Macintosh gradually evolved into MAC computers. The introduction of Apple computers of different generations has also caused quite a stir and led the development direction of the industry. But today, the editor mainly wants to talk about the charging of MAC notebooks. < / P > < p > in terms of charging for Mac notebooks, we will not talk about products too far away. Before 2015, Apple’s MacBook laptops have been using magnetic charging, which is officially called MagSafe. The advantage is that one end of the charging line is close to the charging interface of the notebook, which can be directly sucked to charge the computer, which is convenient and does not need to be aimed at the charging interface. < / P > < p > and the most important point is that if you pull the charging cable, once the pulling force is too strong, the charging interface will be automatically disconnected, which can prevent the notebook computer from being pulled to the ground by the wire, causing more losses (how many friends have experienced the tragedy of their MacBook notebook being pulled by the charging cable and then falling to the ground, holding up their claws). < p > < p > in 2015, apple brought lightning 3 interface to MacBook notebook, and slashed all other interfaces. The video output, charging and data transmission are all completed by the lightning 3 interface. After cutting off the MagSafe interface, there have been many objections. However, according to apple, on the one hand, it is for the sake of thinner fuselage; on the other hand, usb-c is the general trend of interface development in the future. Now it seems that this is true, and thanks to the popularity of usb-c interface and rapid charging of PD, notebook charging is popular The choice of electrical appliances can also be very light. < p > < p > MagSafe is another way of charging based on the charging line. On the laptop, you only need to put one end of the charging line close to the interface to charge itself, but this technology was later cancelled by apple. In 2017, Apple released the iPhone 8 series and the iPhone x, which symbolizes the 10th anniversary, at Apple’s autumn conference. For the first time, wireless charging was supported on the iPhone, which can be recharged as it is released. There is no need to use a special charging cable for the charging interface. Since then, all iPhones released later by Apple have supported wireless charging, bringing an alternative to wired charging to the iPhone. < / P > < p > innovative actions are often accompanied by praise and opposition. Everything has two sides, which is normal. Although wireless charging can easily charge iPhone, its disadvantages are obvious. Charging is too slow, and the coil of wireless charging board must be aligned with the coil of mobile phone receiver to realize wireless charging. Once deviated, wireless charging will occur invalid. < / P > < p > with the passage of time, the major mobile phone manufacturers have set foot in the field of wireless charging, and have made a lot of efforts in wireless charging. If the charging power is too low, they should try to increase the charging power to obtain a better use experience. If the heating is too serious, add air-cooled active cooling system to help heat dissipation. In fact, it has been found that it is effective, but the use threshold has also been raised. It is often accompanied by the need to use a specific wireless charger to connect a specific charging head for a specific mobile phone to achieve high-power charging. In contrast, the iPhone, from iPhone 8 in 2017 to iPhone se2 in 2020, has maintained a wireless charging power level of 7.5W. From a practical point of view, Android manufacturers have higher wireless charging power and faster charging. But from a general point of view, Apple seems to have a lower threshold for wireless charging. < / P > < p > I saw airpower in the iPhone 8 conference, but due to various technical reasons such as fever, airpower had a difficult labor. There has always been news that airpower is going to make a comeback, but there is no sign of airpower after each press conference. It’s 2020. On the eve of Apple’s autumn conference, airpower has news again. The engineering machine model of airpower has been circulated on the Internet. After dismantling, it is found that there are 22 charging coils in it. No wonder “airpower” will fail to produce. < / P > < p > when we talk about Apple, everyone will think of Steve Jobs, because he has played a key role in promoting the development of smart phones, and Apple’s Macintosh, iPod, iPhone and other product lines are dominated by jobs. After that, cook became Apple’s CEO after Steve jobs. Soon after, apple added the apple watch product line, which was officially launched at the autumn conference in 2014, and was first released in China the following year. This is also the first product cook LED as Apple’s CEO. < / P > < p > however, the charging mode of watch using interface media is obviously not realistic. Whether it is usb-c or lightning, it is still very big for the size of Apple watch, so Apple has brought the magnetic charging mode to apple The watch is specially equipped with a magnetic suction charging base. The user can charge the watch wirelessly by placing the watch on the charging base. Moreover, the self-contained magnetic suction effect can be automatically aligned without worrying about the position deviation and unable to charge. < / P > < p > Apple’s vision is that users can place their phones on the wireless charging board at will to achieve wireless charging, instead of having to deliberately aim at the coil position. At present, the solution for wireless charging on the market is that the coil at the wireless charger end overlaps with the coil on the mobile phone to realize wireless charging. However, apple does not seem to want such a charging method, so that it has not launched its own wireless charging board since 2017. < / P > < p > maybe apple can’t solve the heating problem of airpower’s multi coils, or apple watch uses magnetic suction wireless charging. So Apple decided to give up the multi coil solution, and grafted the apple watch’s magnetic suction charging method to the iPhone, from the need for the mobile phone to find the coil actively to find the coil passively, so as to realize the random placement charging in Apple’s definition. < / P > < p > also seen at the press conference is the first Apple Wireless charger for iPhone. Subsequently, this kind of magnetic suction wireless charger was also put on Apple’s official website, with a domestic price of 329 yuan. It’s worth mentioning that Apple also has built-in magnets in the case of the new iPhone 12, so that the iPhone can be charged wirelessly with the case. < / P > < p > and the speed of magnetic suction wireless charging has doubled, supporting up to 15W wireless charging. However, users can still use other ordinary wireless chargers to charge the iPhone 12, but the charging power will drop to 7.5W. < / P > < p > at present, the charging methods of equipment are mainly wired charging and wireless charging. The wired charging mode is the earliest development, and now it is a very mature technology, stable charging, fast charging and shortening charging time. Wireless charging can be seen as the next development goal of charging methods, and apple, which has always been daring to innovate, naturally explores the use of wireless charging. < / P > < p > we believe that the future is a wireless era. From Apple’s release of iPhone 7, cutting off the headphone interface and replacing it with airpods, to iPhone 8 supporting wireless charging, Apple has continued to explore the charging methods of devices. However, apple is pursuing the ultimate performance and experience of the product, so it has not launched its own wireless charger when it has been widely used in the market, because it can not solve the heating problem caused by multiple coils. But it can also be seen from the press conference that Apple has adopted another way of magnetic suction charging to realize the vision of charging with discharging, which is also a good wireless charging solution at present. < / P > < p > from MagSafe on MacBook laptop to iPhone supporting wireless charging, to Apple watch’s magnetic suction wireless charging, and finally bringing MagSafe to iPhone. Apple has never stopped exploring the wireless charging field of devices. The magnetic induction wireless charging for iPhone 12 is an answer sheet handed over by apple in the field of wireless charging, and the charging power is increased to 15W, which is doubled compared with the traditional 7.5W. How do you feel about this wireless charging performance? After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today