“The delivery time of takeout is also determined by the system. Now users are asked to wait more and sell their own feelings. It seems that users urge the takeout staff to rush for time.” Are you hungry to announce the new features that will be added soon. On September 8, an article entitled “take out riders, trapped in the system” swiped the Internet. The article mentioned that riders were compressed by the delivery platform, causing heated discussion among netizens. < p > < p > in the early morning of September 9, hungry man announced through the official microblog that two new functions would be released in the near future: one is to add an independent small button “willing to wait 5 minutes / 10 minutes” when settling payment, so that consumers can choose or not to choose. If you are hungry, you will provide the right of red envelope or eating beans for the consumers who press the button; secondly, it will provide the “overtime exemption” right of individual orders for the blue knight with good historical credit and good service. The new function of < p > < p > < p > has aroused many discussions. On September 9, surging news reporters interviewed takeout workers, consumers and takeout platforms. Most of the takeaway workers said they supported the new function. Some people said that they sometimes had to deduct half of the money if they were overtime. If they had to go through the red light, they would have to either deduct money or run a red light. Some consumers think that giving customers an “understanding button” is not as good as reserving a period of time for riders on the platform; others believe that it is contradictory to ask for fast delivery of meals and complying with traffic rules, and they are willing to make concessions. < p > < p > are you hungry? Wang Yao, the takeout man, told the surging news reporter that as a rider, he supports the function of “waiting for 5 minutes and 10 minutes”, so as to ensure the personal safety of the rider. Wang Yao also said that he has always put safety in the first place when sending orders, so does the company. < / P > < p > a takeout attendant, who did not want to be named, told the surging news reporter that he supported the “wait for 5 minutes” function, which could make the delivery pressure of the takeout rider less. < / P > < p > “if you don’t run the red light, it will time out, which will affect our data.” The takeaway man, who did not want to be named, told reporters that he had been in the takeout industry for three years, and he didn’t want to run the red light at risk. However, when he sent the takeaway, he earned hard money. “You can choose one from the other to run the red light if you have to.” < p > < p > < p > the above-mentioned takeout workers also said that if the monthly order quantity exceeds 700, the monthly full attendance is 28 days, and the delivery of one order generally earns 7 yuan. But if it goes out of time, half the money will be deducted from that order. Ms. Wu, who often orders takeaway food, told the surging news reporter that if the weather is bad or every new year’s festival, she will consider waiting for 5 minutes, “I won’t choose to wait for other times.” Ms. Wu said that the average delivery fee for a single take out is 5 yuan. “I paid for it, but the platform was not willing to give in. It gave employees more time and asked consumers to pay for it. This is unreasonable.” Some people support consumers to make certain concessions. Mr. Xie said, “it’s contradictory to ask the takeaway to deliver food fast and obey the traffic rules.” Mr. Xie told reporters that under this premise, he is willing to make concessions. If the takeout platform side makes concessions, such as no deduction for late delivery, then the takeout staff may have no sense of time and everyone is slow. < / P > < p > surging news reporters open an order on September 9, and the system will automatically display the expected delivery time. The platform will also launch JIT Bao and JIT plus products to ensure the timeliness of distribution. If you are hungry, you will pay 1.83 yuan for 10 minutes, 5.49 yuan for 15 minutes, and 12.81 yuan for 30 minutes. < p > < p > on September 9, the person in charge told the surging news reporters that the official release of new functions is optional, and the main consideration is to give users who are not in a hurry and are willing to wait a little longer for a choice. For the tolerance given by these users, our platform will also give feedback to users to show their appreciation for the understanding of riders. Skip to content