It is understood that during the epidemic, 32 year old Fu Penghu set up a special delivery team “flying tiger team” to deliver meals to medical staff of Wuhan Union Medical College. They delivered dozens of meals every day, and accumulated 10000 meals.

Xiao Tangsong helped novel coronavirus pneumonia in a hospital with a stomach disorder and a broken stomach. < / P > < p > isn’t this the first time that takeaway clothes have been collected by museums. Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Sichuan was exhibited in Sichuan museum last month. More than 1800 items of Grandpa’s disease were publicly disclosed. < / P > < p > among the numerous exhibits, a blue take away brother’s “war robe” and a blue helmet are particularly eye-catching, which are the “equipment” for Liu Yang, a delivery rider, to keep his fighting position during the epidemic. Since the fight against the epidemic, the post-90s boy has delivered more than 5000 delivery orders in his responsible area, including key posts in West China Hospital, police station and community office. Global Tech