On September 9, hungry announced that a new feature will be released: a small button “I’d like to wait 5 minutes / 10 minutes longer” will be added to settle the payment. If the user is not in a hurry, you can click and give the rider a little more time. If you’re hungry, you’ll give some feedback to users. It may be a small red envelope or a good bean. However, this statement further triggered a nationwide discussion on the living conditions of the takeaway brother. < p > < p > according to domestic media reports, the relevant person in charge of famo said that the team had paid attention to the voice of external criticism on the morning of September 9, but hungry still wanted to give the right of choice to the users, because the platform had no way to judge whether the users were in a hurry. < / P > < p > the user’s increase time is insensitive on the rider side, that is to say, the rider can’t see whether the order has increased the time, but can only see the delivery time of the order. < / P > < p > “we always have relevant tests, such as in rainy days, which will reduce the distribution scope of merchants, so that riders do not have to travel long distances in extreme weather; increase the delivery time for long-distance orders, and improve the experience of riders when the user experience is not affected.”. < / P > < p > with regard to the proposal to extend the waiting time, the relevant person in charge said that you originally wanted to find users who did not require high delivery and delivery time, or users who ordered non meal goods with low timeliness requirements, so that they could fight for time for riders through the membership benefits provided by the platform. Global Tech