Asimo came on stage in 2000, when it was a very advanced robot. This robot can walk, talk, shake hands with strangers, etc. In fact, Honda’s celebration video is entirely narrated by ASIMO with its friendly, childlike voice. At just four feet tall, ASIMO is considered by Honda to be the best family helper to get into hard to reach areas. It can even travel at 3.7 mph. < / P > < p > while most of ASIMO’s functions look ordinary, such as simply bending down or grabbing objects, Honda says these are vital components, so ASIMO can help humans in the future. If you want ASIMO to open a jar, it needs to know how to operate, such as grabbing the object and unscrewing it. < / P > < p > Honda is still optimistic that these details will create a fully functional and intelligent ASIMO tomorrow. It is understood that the company’s goal is to continue to develop steadily until 2030. Global Tech