Lithography machine, in the whole chip production and manufacturing link, is the most core equipment, the technical difficulty is extremely high. In the global lithography market, Nikon and Canon from Japan and ASML from the Netherlands occupy more than 90% of the market share. The most advanced EUV (extreme ultraviolet) technology is only mastered by ASML in Holland. On October 14, Roger dassen, chief financial officer of ASML, made a statement on the export of lithography machines to China. He said: < / P > < p > in addition, it can be seen from ASML’s statement that there is no mention of more advanced EUV (extreme ultraviolet) lithography machines other than those allowed to import DUV. < / P > < p > “if we want to explain the impact of US regulations on ASML, we can still export DUV lithography machines directly from Holland to their Chinese customers without any export license.” In other words, the United States only restricts the United States from exporting chips and lithography machines to China, but it does not restrict other countries from importing to China, and the Netherlands is not within the scope of the US ban. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that the same day is also the day when ASML publishes the new quarterly financial report. We also see some reasons for ASML exporting lithography machines from its financial report. According to the third quarter financial report of ASML, ASML sold a total of 60 lithography systems in the current quarter, with net sales of 4 billion euro, net income of 1.1 billion euro, gross profit rate of 47.5%, and revenue of 3.958 billion euro, of which China accounted for 21%. < / P > < p > in the first nine months, the sales performance was as high as 9.724 billion euro (about 77 billion yuan), with a year-on-year increase of nearly 25%. Among them, the revenue from high-end EUV lithography accounted for 66% of the total revenue. In addition, ASML is very optimistic about the Chinese market. According to the data of the General Administration of customs, from January to August this year, China imported 333.46 billion US dollars of integrated circuits, a sharp increase of 22.5% over the same period last year. At the annual meeting of China’s integrated circuit manufacturing on September 17, Shen Bo, ASML’s global vice president and President of China, revealed that up to now, more than 700 ASML lithography machines have been installed in China, and almost all chip manufacturers have purchased the company’s services.

at China China China integrated circuit manufacturing annual conference twenty-third (CICD 2020) and Guangdong integrated circuit industry development forum, Shen Bo, vice president of ASML global and President of China region, said:

ASML has been established in Chinese mainland for 20 years, so far, from the first lithography machine, it is the witness, promoter and promoter of China’s semiconductor industry. In the future, ASML will continue to invest, expand its layout, train talents, and join hands with industry partners to achieve common development with China’s semiconductor industry.

also, in 2000, ASML officially established the first Chinese mainland office in Tianjin, China. So far, there are offices or branches in 12 cities in mainland China, namely Tianjin, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuxi, Wuhan, Xi’an, Dalian, Nanjing, Xiamen, Xiamen, Xiamen and city. < / P > < p > it can be said that there are ASML layouts from first tier cities to second tier and third tier cities. Under the pressure of the US side in China, ASML is accelerating the layout of the Chinese market. In their opinion, what China really needs is EUV lithography machine. ASML can not solve the urgent problem. The urgent task is to rely on ourselves. There are two types of DUV lithography, dry fraction and liquid immersion. Among them, liquid immersion lithography was born in the hands of ASML. Although its wavelength is 193nm, it is equivalent to 134nm. After multiple exposure, the liquid immersion lithography machine can also achieve 7Nm process. However, each additional exposure will greatly increase the manufacturing cost, and the yield is difficult to control. However, EUV lithography using 13.5nm wavelength light source is an essential tool to break through the 10nm chip process node. In other words, even if DUV (deep ultraviolet) lithography can be replaced by Nikon and canon, the 5nm production line of chip giants TSMC and Samsung Intel will not be put into production without ASML EUV lithography machine. < / P > < p > in fact, as early as March this year, SMIC purchased a large-scale lithography machine from ASML, which was rumored to be EUV. However, SMIC has since confirmed that it is not an EUV lithography machine as rumoured by the outside world. According to Baidu Encyclopedia’s explanation, a lithography machine consists of tens of thousands of components, which is called “human form”. It is a product of top technologies in mathematics, optics, fluid mechanics, polymer physics and chemistry, surface physics and chemistry, precision instruments, machinery, automation, software and image recognition. < / P > < p > worldwide, the lithography market is almost divided by three manufacturers: ASML in the Netherlands, Nikon in Japan and Canon in Japan. < p > < p > among the three families, ASML is the one worthy of the title. According to BOC International report, ASMC’s global market share is as high as 89%, and the other two are 8% and 3% respectively, adding up to only 11%. In the EUV lithography market, ASML market share is 100%. < / P > < p > at present, SMIC, the top chip manufacturer in China, has only 28 nm production process, and 14 nm process has just started mass production, and China’s chip manufacturing only accounts for 7.3% of the world’s share. < p > < p > in April 2019, Gan zongsong team of Wuhan National Research Center of Optoelectronics used two beams of laser to break through the limit of beam diffraction on the self-developed photoresist, and used the method of far-field optics to photolithography a line with a minimum line width of 9nm. At the beginning of 2020, the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that it had overcome the problem of 2nm process, and the relevant research results had been published in international journals in the field of microelectronic devices. < p > < p > on May 19, Shanghai microelectronics equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. said that its self-developed high brightness LED stepper projection lithography machine is China’s first advanced lithography machine product for medium and small substrates under 6 inches, which has successfully broken through more than 1200 application projects and was selected as “Shanghai Design 100 +”. On October 15, LV Huijun, deputy general manager of Nanjing integrated circuit industry service center, confirmed to the media that China will establish a Nanjing integrated circuit university to train practical chip R & D talents, so as to accelerate the localization of chips. It is true that China still has a long way to go on the road of lithography, but after experiencing the bottleneck problem, I believe that Chinese enterprises have realized the importance of independent research and development. However, the long-term blockade and suppression of the United States will only inspire China to give up its luck and concentrate its efforts to make the core technology hard. Global Tech