For China’s chip industry, more advanced lithography machine is indeed a big obstacle to overcome, and the global equipment is also from ASML. ASML CFO Roger dassen talked about the business with Chinese customers such as SMIC international in a video interview at the financial report meeting. He said that in some cases, there is no need for a license to export lithography machines.

  Roger Dassen pointed out that ASML understands the current rules and regulations of the U.S. authorities and their interpretation, and of course, that these are closely related to specific Chinese customers, but a broad understanding of the overall meaning of its rules and regulations for ASML (for specific Chinese customers) means that ASML will be able to provide DUV lithography systems to these Chinese customers from the Netherlands without an export license. < p > < p > prior to this, ASML also announced the latest development of lithography products. 3600d is the most advanced lithography system in its research and development. It was delivered in the middle of 2021. Its exposure speed of 30 MJ / cm2 reached 160 wafers per hour, which increased productivity by 18%, and improved the precision of machine matching and registration to 1.1nm. Skip to content

By ibmwl