ASML, a Dutch photolithography manufacturer, released its third quarter 2020 results today: net sales in the third quarter were 4 billion euro, net profit was 1.1 billion euro, and gross profit rate was 47.5%. The amount of new orders in the third quarter was 2.9 billion euros. “Our third quarter sales reached 4 billion euros, exceeding our expectations,” said Peter wennink, President and chief executive of ASML. The gross profit margin was maintained at 47.5%. We delivered a total of 10 EUV systems and achieved sales revenue of 14 systems in this quarter. In the past third quarter, our business was not adversely affected on a large scale due to the outbreak. Our new orders in the third quarter reached 2.9 billion euros, of which 595 million euros came from four EUV devices. “< / P > < p >” we expect sales in the fourth quarter to be between 3.6 billion and 3.8 billion euros, with a gross margin of about 50%. The R & D cost is about 550 million euro, and the sales and management cost is about 140 million euro. We will achieve our sales forecast for 2020. It is estimated that the effective tax rate in 2020 will be around 14%. “< / P > < p >” in 2021, we expect low double-digit performance growth due to uncertainties in the macro environment, including the impact of the epidemic on the economy and geopolitical changes. Nevertheless, the development of terminal market drivers (such as 5g, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing) will drive the market demand for advanced process logic chips and memory chips, which require the use of advanced lithography machines. ” ASML president and CEO Peter wennink said. < / P > < p > in the field of DUV engraving, ASML certified the first TWINSCAN NXT: 2050i in this quarter and delivered it in the early fourth quarter. NXT: 2050i is based on a new version of NXT platform, including technical improvements of mask stage, wafer stage, projection objective and exposure laser. Due to these innovations, the system provides better precision control and higher productivity than its predecessor. NXT: 2050i will enter mass production immediately. < / P > < p > in the field of EUV lithography business, the vast majority of TWINSCAN NXE:3400B The system upgrades the productivity module at the same time. ASML announced the final specification of TWINSCAN nxe: 3600d, a new model on the EUV roadmap, with an exposure speed of 30 MJ / cm2 reaching 160 wafers per hour, increasing productivity by 18% and improving machine matching registration accuracy to 1.1nm. Delivery is planned to start in the middle of 2021. The interim dividend for 2020 is EUR 1.20 per common share. The ex dividend date and the pricing date of euro / dollar conversion are November 2, 2020, and the record date is November 3, 2020. The dividend will be paid on November 13, 2020. < / P > < p > as part of its financial policy, ASML is committed to returning excess cash to shareholders through growing annualized dividends and periodic share buybacks. < p > < p > ASML announced a new three-year stock repurchase plan in January 2020, which will be implemented in 2020-2022. As part of this plan, < / P > < p > ASML plans to buy back 6 billion euros of shares, including no more than 400000 shares in total, for the ESOP. ASML plans to write off the remaining repurchase shares. So far, 507 million euros worth of shares have been repurchased under the plan. ASML did not execute share buybacks in the second and third quarters of this year after the planned execution was suspended in the first quarter of this year. The three-year stock Buyback program is still in effect and ASML will resume stock buybacks this week. Global Tech