According to foreign media dicebreaker, Ubisoft is preparing to cooperate with purearts to launch the physical board game of this small game in 2021. < / P > < p > you can roll dice up to 3 times. Before each roll, you can decide which dice to keep and which dice to roll again. Different dice faces have different effects, such as attack, defense, or gain icons to activate the grace of the gods. < / P > < p > both sides attack each other by rolling dice, causing or blocking damage, obtaining or stealing icons. Each round of the game is played in turn until one player reduces the HP of the other player to 0 (please refer to our website strategy for specific rules). < p > < p > purearts has a very close cooperative relationship with Ubisoft. It can be said that purearts is a “Royal” manufacturer around Ubisoft. Purearts mainly produces statues of games and movies. Global Tech