According to foreign media reports, on August 19, local time, astronomers used the panoramic Sky Survey Telescope and the pan stars Observatory in Hawaii to discover an object that will enter the earth’s orbit this autumn. The object, called 2020 so, is now considered a rocket booster for NASA surveyor 2, which crashed on the moon in 1966 during the Apollo era of the cold war space race. < p > < p > according to Paul chodas of NASA’s Center for near earth objects research, this particular type of event has only happened once before, namely, the upper part of Saturn V launched by Apollo 12 in 2002. Of course, 2020 so could be really an asteroid, in which case it would be considered a tiny asteroid because it was orbiting the earth. However, the discovery of an old rocket booster will only be considered “space junk” and will be added to more than 57000 pieces of debris currently being tracked by various entities. < / P > < p > chodas said that in about a month they would know whether 2020 so was really a rocket component. In addition, according to him, 2020 so will leave earth orbit in February 2021. The report shows that the number of app store purchases soared in the first half of this year due to the impact of covid-19