As the owner of two world-class IP addresses, radiation and the scroll of antiquity, the news that Bethesda softwarks was acquired by Microsoft has greatly boosted many people in the industry. As a veteran of Bethesda for 26 years, Todd Howard is not only the helmsman of the two major IPS, but also witness the whole process of Bethesda’s growth. < / P > < p > Todd Howard’s story, to a large extent, is the story of Bethesda software (hereinafter referred to as group B). Even if it does not fully reflect the history of the distribution side of Society B, it at least represents the growth process of the R & D team behind the company’s big games. According to his recent interview, group B cut the number of developers to six at the most difficult time, and the success of morning breeze helped the company out of trouble. According to gamelook, Todd finally joined group B in 1994 after being rejected twice. The CD-ROM version of the Elder Scrolls: arena, which was released in that year, is the first time he participated in the series of ancient scrolls (there was a soft disk version before, but no one remembers it). It is also Todd’s first RPG game. < / P > < p > he then moved to the full-time research and development of dagger fall (Volume 2, 1996), in which the team adjusted the style of the scrolls series and continues to use it today. “Arena” established the world view of tamril continent, while “waterfall rain” added the progress system of “upgrading role with skills”. < / P > < p > although neither of the first two games was as successful as Morrowind or skyrim, Todd said it was a very big project at the time and formed some methods that he and his team have been following up to now. < / P > < p > he said, “from the perspective of time prism, some things may seem very low-level, but whether you believe it or not, some of the things we are doing now are similar to those in the past. Although the scale of the game has expanded a lot, what we do now is not much different from that in the past.”. < / P > < p > he mentioned the past people’s comments on the arena and dagger rain, which expressed their appreciation of the freedom and the breadth of the game world, which were also the two principles that society B always adhered to in making the scroll of antiquity. However, what really made group B famous was the third “morning breeze” in 2002, and this game saved the company at that time. < / P > < p > Todd said, “we made some bad games and made some mistakes, and the R & D team was reduced to only six people. This is the only game we’re not afraid of. We think the company may close down, so when we have a chance to do “morning breeze”, we feel that no worse will happen. We decided to take a bigger risk. If it doesn’t work, I don’t know if I can still stand here, but the result is much better than we expected. < / P > < p > What’s more, the launch of the Xbox version of “morning wind” has made the games of group B pay attention to by the console manufacturers, and have proved that these platforms need such experience. The success of the game has provided more funds for group B to develop oblivion, as well as a PS3 version, and even helped the company win the “fallout” series license (a little bit) I’ll talk about it later). < p > < p > for group B, “morning breeze” is a gamble of the company, but “Oblivion” is gambling on the fate of the game series itself. While most publishers prefer immediate sequels, Howard says his team enjoys rare tolerance in the industry, allowing four years of research and development to take advantage of next-generation hardware. Although he doesn’t think there is a lot of pressure on the sequel itself, Todd admits that the team “carefully calculated the possible risks” in building oblivion. < / P > < p > the fifth volume of the ancient scroll series “skyline” represents Howard’s highest achievement in RPG game design and the most successful game of group B so far. It’s about to celebrate its 10th anniversary next year, attracting tens of millions of players, something the series has never done before. < / P > < p > Howard said, “if I had the answer to that question, it would have been much easier to repeat such a masterpiece. This is the third time that we have entered the cycle of hardware upgrading. The game we developed has been recognized in the industry, and the host platform has been mature at that time. Therefore, more people will be exposed to the game. Sometimes the success is due to being contacted by more people. ” < p > < p > he also said that behind “the sky” is a bigger trend, and the first game of Thrones was released that year, so fantasy has become the theme of the times, and the sky can bring something that Westeros does not have. < / P > < p > “the best thing a game can do is put the player in a world and ask: what are you going to do here? Then let the world respond to what the players do. This is what skyline does. No matter who you are, as long as you like the game, you can always find something to do. You invest in the game, and the game keeps giving back. “. The success of the series after “morning breeze” is partly due to the shift to the hand-painted world, rather than the programmed world of arena and dagger rain. Howard says that the team has actually been using program generation, and in the production of annihilation, “some of it is program generated, and then we check it out and manually change something to make sure that everything is presented the way we want it to be.”. < / P > < p > some programs are generated to create content to ensure that players never have nothing to do. For example, the environment exploration task of skyline. However, the most important things, such as the main plot, are manually completed by developers. The improvement of computing power means that more and more work can be done by the program. It seems that it will have a certain weight in scroll 6 of antiquity. < / P > < p > Howard explains, “we want to try things about program generation in every game, and if it doesn’t work, find out why. What we’re doing now is exploring the limits of program generation in an unprecedented way.”. After the success of morning breeze, group B wants to explore more game series besides the scroll of ancient times. The team came up with a lot of ideas, but the post disaster world theme became the most popular one. Howard is familiar with the theme of building a 3D post disaster world. His first project (Terminator: future shock) is the post disaster world. But for him, the new series of group B must be radiation. < / P > < p > this IP has been dormant for a long time, but interplay still holds the copyright. Fortunately, some people in group B knew how to contact them, which ushered in Howard’s favorite moment of his career, when he found a note on his keyboard from Todd Vaughn, vice president of R & D, which simply said, “radiation is yours.”. < / P > < p > so far, “radiation 3” is still Howard’s favorite project. “Obviously, I like it, but this product has a special place in my heart because it’s so new to us. When you do a radiation game, there are so many things you can do. In a way, there are very few ideas that can’t be done in the radiation game. It mixes the post disaster world with drama, black comedy and second rate movies. If you do it right, it has its own recognition in some form. “. < / P > < p > < p > the intersection of the scrolls of antiquity and radiation is something that anyone who has played two series of games can clearly notice, but Howard says there are important differences between the research and development of the two series. For beginners, the game “radiation” wants to “tell a specific story”, and it seems that the player’s choice is deliberately made very difficult. < / P > < p > when Howard mentioned the classic selection of the radiation series, he said, “which side are you on? Let who live and who die? Given your world environment, what would you sacrifice to survive? The shooting of the scroll of ancient times is more systematic. You consciously join a camp, which is not a very specific choice. The plot of < / P > < p > is also difficult to balance. “Ancient scrolls” games often give players a blank identity, no background story, so that they can freely determine the game’s motivation and final fate. The Dragon Descendants never have to defeat the dragon in the game. < / P > < p > but both radiation 3 and radiation 4 let them know their previous life before taking risks. Through more introductions, they have a very clear goal: to find a lost father or a kidnapped child. The story of a gamer looking for a water storage robot in a greenhouse where the gamer wants to help create a water story? < / P > < p > Howard admits that it’s hard to balance: “and we haven’t solved it so far, you want to give players some time pressure, but it will conflict with everything you do, and the story we told in the scroll of antiquity is more balanced.”. < / P > < p > he added that the characters in “radiation 4” are the characters created in the series that best fit the player’s experience: “you’re disappointed with what’s destroyed, because you’re there, and you’re going to lose your family. The game targets you through a lot of mechanisms, and at the same time gives you something comfortable in the world. It takes you a long time to see another human, even if you know there will be more humans in the game, when you enter the game for more than an hour, you may think, “am I the only human being alive?” < p > < p > of course, the opening of radiation 3 is still his favorite of all the games he has played, although he admits that growing up in shelter 101 may seem a bit long, and without it, the feeling of entering the “wasteland city” will be much less. < / P > < p > he said, “when I came up with this idea, the internal team asked a lot of questions, but I think when you go out, it’s important, not just the visual effect switching, but also the emotional change, which is very useful for the content you play.”. < p > < p > < p > radiation 76 is Howard’s latest project in the world, and perhaps the largest. It originally came from making multiplayer mode for radiation 4, but the team found that some tasks could not be implemented in a multiplayer scenario. But inspired by survival games like “day Z” and seeing the intersection of nuclear waste survival, they decided to make a prequel. < / P > < p > it was an unimportant project at first, but it soon got attention. One of the most important challenges is to create an RPG with all the symbols of the B game, but at the same time, there is no handover task NPC. Radiation 76 players were one of the first humans to show up in the sanctuary, and their mission was to create a new society, which Howard admitted was an obstacle that he and his team couldn’t jump over, although they worked very hard to find solutions. The plot and task are direct