One of the major innovations of the iPhone 12 this year is the magnetic suction wireless charging, which aims to automatically align the charger to achieve the best charging effect. Of course, with MagSafe’s maximum charging power of 15 watts, it’s more convenient to play and charge. However, some mechanical watch users quickly thought that the 16 magnets built into the iPhone 12 body will affect the accuracy of mechanical watch travel time? < / P > < p > from the measurement data of the @ core, the magnetic force of the magnetic suction charging coil on the back of the iPhone 12 Pro is 57 ~ 60 Gauss, and the original MagSafe charger is 123 Gauss, but the magnetic suction phone case is only 16 Gauss. < / P > < p > at the same time, the machine test showed that normal left hand wearing watch, right hand using mobile phone, no effect. However, if the mechanical watch accidentally touches the back of the mobile phone, MagSafe charger or magnetic suction case, some mechanical watches will have obvious travel time error. Take Omega 2500 coaxial butterfly flying as an example, the original daily error is 1 second, and after touching the mobile phone, it becomes 50 seconds every day. In summary, the author found that Rolex, Patek Philippe, baopo and Dido (self-made movement) with anti magnetic design had no obvious influence, while ETA movement brands such as omega, Wanguo, Dido and beribering, as well as Aipi asset and truth is asset movement, had obvious influence. Global Tech