Although halo: Infinity has been delayed until 2021, studio 343, the development team, is constantly releasing some game related content to fill the “empty” time of players. Now let’s see how the sound effects of the game are recorded. < / P > < p > in this latest video released by studio 343, we can take a close look at how the aura: Infinity audio team captures the sounds of those “small arms,” and the whole process is impressive. The team recorded sounds from various locations and situations, from catapults to rifles, and used a wide range of weapons. The video also shows an exciting clip of a developer crouching behind a wall, bullets whizzing overhead. < / P > < p > the halo series has always been known for its powerful sound design, and from this video, “Halo: Infinity” is not prepared to disappoint players in this respect. Not long ago, Chris Lee, director of Halo: infinity, withdrew from the project (related reports). We already know that the multiplayer game of Halo: Infinity will be available for free, while XGP users will be able to play the full game for free. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities