At present, the major automobile manufacturers are making efforts in the field of automatic driving, and automatic driving has become a competition for automobile enterprises to seize the next technological highland. However, under today’s technical conditions, self driving cars can not really be completely reassuring. According to foreign media reports, in October 23rd, Thatcham Research of the British insurance group said that the British government allowed autopilot cars, the first to travel on the road in 2021, would be life-threatening, because the existing automatic driving technology is far less than human driving ability. Matthew Avery, research manager at Thatcham, said: “we don’t believe this technology can match the way car drivers do and drive.” < / P > < p > it is reported that the British government has issued new regulations to allow vehicles to use the automatic lane keeping system (alks), so that the driver can automatically drive without putting his hand on the steering wheel. However, vehicle insurance companies are obviously not interested in these problems. They believe that under the existing technical conditions, vehicles can not fully recognize the accurate road information, and the automatic control technology is not as reliable as human drivers. Therefore, automatic driving may lead to more traffic accidents. < / P > < p > in addition, the attitude of current vehicle insurance companies towards the automatic driving assistance function is that if the driver does not control the car, they will be classified as passengers, which will make the insurance company bear additional liability for the insurer, resulting in higher insurance costs.

at the same time, Avery believes that the autopilot system can run on expressways in about 5 years, but now the “automatic driving” system misleads drivers because they should be “auxiliary driving” systems. < / P > < p > therefore, many consumers are misled to drive automatically in the car and even sleep in the driver’s seat. Obviously, automobile companies and consumers have a certain responsibility for such a thing. Global Tech