This year, the e-commerce platform announced the playing method of “double 11”. You were caught off guard. There are still three more days left for singles’ day. Are you ready for your wallet? “Double 11” ahead of schedule, from singles day to nunchakus 20 days ago, tmall announced that this year’s “double 11” start, code: nunchakus. (netizen: Oh, even the code. )< p > < p > tmall said that the pre-sale of “double 11” was opened on October 21, and the biggest change of this upgrade is: not only does it break out on November 11, but consumers can buy in two waves. November 1-3 is the first wave, and November 11 is the second wave. < / P > < p > this means that this year’s “double 11” is three more days than before. Consumers can pay the balance of pre-sale goods from November 1 and receive the goods 10 days in advance. < p > < p > just a day before tmall announced its playing methods, Jingdong announced on the 19th that the “double 11” of this year would open on October 21, and last for 22 days until November 11.

rookie reporter noted that the Jingdong make complaints about the “double 11” conference. “Every time the sign is received by the post office”, it is also Tucao, which implies that the rookie post does not deliver goods to the home. There is quite a feeling that “the rain is coming and the wind is all over the building”. < / P > < p > after tmall and Jingdong announced this year’s “double 11” game method, many netizens praised it. Why? Because the two e-commerce platforms have said that they will not play complex computing this year. “Finally, I don’t want to play brain burn and test math.” Some netizens lamented. < / P > < p > according to the analysis, tmall will launch “direct reduction of over 300, discount of 14 million products, 50% discount of car purchase, 50% discount of takeout food, 50% discount of foot therapy, etc. < / P > < p > in addition to the number one JINGTIE that is available across stores and all categories, the setting of “estimated selling price” on the product page will prompt consumers to use the preferential information, without complicated calculation, the price after the discount can be seen at a glance. Jingdong also added the currently hotly discussed “1 yuan package” to “double 11”. < p > < p > some netizens even summed up the rules of Playing: the greater the discount, the less words. For example, “full 100 minus 20”, “buy two free one”, “half price”, the ultimate discount “free.”. It’s easy to understand. It’s a real discount. After seeing these, many netizens were not calm and said, “my wallet is not ready yet, so I was caught off guard in advance.” “Welcome two waves of temptation this year. Hold your purse and don’t cry.” < / P > < p > “the shampoo you bought last year has not been used up. Do you really need it?” “Don’t be impulsive. I’ve been hoarding dog food for several years, and now the dogs don’t eat it.” < / P > < p > some netizens said that it is not realistic to engage in various consumption gimmicks every year. But some netizens retorted, “compared with previous years, this year is very good, be content.” < / P > < p > crazy grab X Yuan Securities; over XXX minus XX Yuan; rob XXX minus XXX yuan; deposit X Yuan to offset XX Yuan; deposit X Yuan to enjoy XX price; top x enjoy XXX yuan price. The result is that “the rules are comparable to Olympiad Mathematics” and “one meal is as fierce as a tiger, and finally two yuan and five yuan cheaper”. < / P > < p > there has even been a situation that “if you don’t have some math skills, you can’t play without Chinese skills”: you can’t get x% off the deposit, but you can’t get x% off the deposit. Many netizens analyzed the half night, but they couldn’t make out the difference between the three. < / P > < p > “as the market competition intensifies, e-commerce” double 11 “is advancing one after another, with the purpose of occupying a favorable position to realize” blocking “. Mo daiqing, senior analyst and director of the online retail department of the E-commerce Research Center for e-commerce, said that the gradual extension of the “double-11” period would also be beneficial to relieving the pressure on logistics and capital turnover of businesses. < / P > < p > “subsidies can better enhance user stickiness and seize users’ minds, release users’ consumption power, continuously attract new and retain old users, which is necessary every year.” Mo daiqing said. < / P > < p > “no matter what the e-commerce platform thinks, it is the key for consumers to get substantial benefits.” Another analysis holds that “double 11” provides consumers with an opportunity to shop. Some things are really cheap, but you need to keep your eyes open and advocate rational consumption and consumption on demand. < / P > < p > even if you don’t buy on “double 11”, you can also participate in it, such as watching “cat night” and watching the live broadcast of various stars. Moreover, interactive games, variety shows, blind boxes, talk shows, and video games are all reflected in this year’s “double 11”, and you can experience them at that time. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4