Bad robot, an American production company, has set up its own game studio. Michael booth, the producer of the road to survival, is the general manager of the studio. The CEO of the studio is Anna sweet, the former leader of valve and oculus. Bad robot game studio, based in Santa Monica, California, currently has two different projects under way: one is a cooperative development agreement with an external partner, and the other is a game of its own developed by a team led by Michael booth. < p > < p > Anna sweet revealed that Michael booth is an original game, which will be a 3A level work on PC and host platform, which will immerse players and streaming media audiences in a movie like experience. < p > < p > Anna sweet said that the world created by bad robot studios through film and television is very broad, in which there will be many different stories staged, not just those we see in movies or on TV. < / P > < p > the newly established bad robot game studio will cooperate with the film and Television Department of bad robots, obtain the company’s IP license, and cooperate to develop cross media entertainment content. At present, bad robot film company is a subsidiary of paramount film company of the United States, and has participated in the production of “Star Trek 11”, “Clover files”, “mission impossible 4”, “Super 8”, “Star Trek 12”, etc. American dramas include “on the edge of crisis”, “lost”, “Devil Island”, “suspect tracking” and so on. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities