BAIC plans to increase its holdings of Daimler group by 4.99% through the acquisition of secondary market shares, with a total shareholding ratio of 9.99%. < / P > < p > at present, BAIC holds 5% of Daimler’s shares, including 2.48% of direct shares and the right to obtain additional voting rights equivalent to 2.52% shares. Although officials did not respond, sources said the purchase of Daimler shares was already in progress. As early as July 2019, BAIC bought 5% of Daimler’s equity with 20 billion yuan, becoming its third largest shareholder. In exchange, BAIC will also give up its stake in Beijing Benz. Recently, it was reported that Daimler hoped to restart negotiations with BAIC to increase its stake in Beijing Benz from 49% to 65%. Neither Daimler nor BAIC would comment. < / P > < p > a professional analyzed that “if BAIC increased its shareholding ratio in Daimler, it would not help BAIC itself in terms of operation. This move can not feed back BAIC’s independent business in the short term, and the problems encountered in BAIC’s own development should be solved by itself.” Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”