Bank of America expects the growing space economy to more than triple in size over the next decade. The company forecast this week that the space market would grow to $1.4 trillion. “Although the novel coronavirus pneumonia has led to delays in some public and private projects, The epidemic does not seem to have hurt the overall investment. ” In a research note to investors, Ron Epstein, an analyst at Bank of America, wrote in a research note to investors: “this may be largely because most of the spending in space is business to business / government (B2B / g), and their recovery is usually faster than business to consumer (B2C) spending.” < / P > < p > the sustained growth of space economy is largely a record of private investment and new investment opportunities. These companies are involved in aerospace, satellite and other fields. < / P > < p > although BofA tracks only 14 publicly traded shares related to the space industry, Epstein said “there will be more in the future.”. < / P > < p > based on an average CAGR of 10.6% over the past two years, Bank of America expects the industry’s revenue to grow by 230%, from about $424 billion in 2019 to about $1.4 trillion in 2030. Global Tech