With the official announcement that a global launch will be held in the early hours of October 14, there has been another discussion about the upcoming iPhone 12. Since the domestic version of the iPhone 12 will not support 5g millimeter wave, to some extent, the Bank of China iPhone 12 has become a special version < / P > < p > so how much can the price discount be? Today, microblog user @ Kang gave the approximate cost of millimeter wave module. It is reported that the current cost of millimeter wave module is as high as $100, which shows that millimeter wave is not only difficult to use but also very expensive. < / P > < p > therefore, although there are many revelations about the pricing of the iPhone 12, they are all based on the overseas version of the iPhone 12, without taking into account the price differences brought about by millimeter wave hardware. < / P > < p > at present, overseas reports all say that the iPhone 12 will maintain the same price as the previous generation. If so, the price of BOC will be very attractive and competitive. Global Tech