Scallion duck is one of the classic baokemeng. It’s more convenient and delicious to bring scallion with you. On September 25, baokemeng officially released a special video MV, showing the song of counting scallion duck with scallion. Let’s enjoy it together. Scallion duck is one of the fictional character monsters in baokemeng series and its adapted animation baokemeng. It first appeared in the first generation game baokemeng: Red / green. < / P > < p > it seems that the plant stems are good or bad, so the scallion ducks will fight around the stems. Because the meat of scallion duck is delicious, if it is cooked with the plant stems it carries, it will be more delicious. Therefore, it has been hunted and killed by human beings and become rare. Scallion duck is also called “Baoke dream with seasoning” by netizens. Google said the proposed media negotiation rules would put its free services in Australia at “risk”