Apple TV + on Tuesday provided viewers with a behind the scenes clip on how camera operators and staff produced amazing nighttime videos in earth at night in color, which was released to Apple TV on Tuesday+ The behind the scenes gags of “earth in the night” of YouTube channel briefly introduces the equipment, camera technology and production process of the program. The crew turned to special camera settings for the show, including what looks like a Leica apo-telyt-r module, the modular telephoto lens of the brand’s R series SLR cameras. < / P > < p > although these clips do not provide a detailed description of the hardware and software “magic” used to complete the extraordinary full-color night scene shooting, it does illustrate the production method. From elaborate underwater gear to unstable rope sets and makeshift shelters, camera operators and their teams have struggled to photograph wildlife after dark. < / P > < p > the crew also discussed the pain of getting viable materials in harsh conditions such as dark jungle and cold bush, and shooting without disturbing the subject. Global Tech