The problem of “conflict between human and image” has a long history. According to professionals, this is one of the most complex problems in elephant science, and there has been no sustained and effective mitigation method for thousands of years. Now, after the Beidou high-precision navigation and positioning system is completed, it is possible to solve the “human image conflict” by means of science and technology. By wearing an “electronic collar” on the elephant, combined with Beidou Positioning + cloud technology, an invisible guard network has been set up for people’s life and property from the air, which has become another vivid example of Beidou benefiting human life. < p > < p > as a free walking and large-scale migration animal, the elephant will have a great impact on the surrounding environment due to its large size. In China, Asian elephant is the flagship species of tropical forest ecosystem. It has the characteristics of large size, developed sense organ, strong self-protection consciousness, and has the characteristics of attack ability and group attack. < p > < p > adult Asian elephants eat about 150 kg a day and spend more than 10 hours walking and foraging every day. If the elephant group moves to the area where human beings live, it will inevitably produce “human elephant conflict”, which will seriously affect the local economic development and social stability. < / P > < p > sometimes, this kind of conflict is quite tragic. People’s lives are seriously threatened in places where wild elephants are found. Some villages even set up high-risk occupations such as “wild elephant monitor”. When the elephants are close to the village, they start to monitor day and night, and then remind the villagers to avoid by means of Village Radio and wechat group notification. Nevertheless, injuries still occur from time to time. In addition, the fields trampled by elephant herds often become pockmarked and unrecognizable. Therefore, elephants are considered by many people to be large-scale agricultural “pests”; wild elephants can easily damage people’s houses and facilities, and the iron doors in their homes can be “uprooted” by a flick of the trunk. < / P > < p > according to the data, from 2011 to 2019, there were more than 4600 accidents caused by wild Asian elephants in Xishuangbanna, resulting in more than 50 casualties, more than 120000 mu of damaged crops and more than 100 million yuan of insurance compensation. According to the public data, there are about 300 Asian elephants in China, which are mainly distributed in Xishuangbanna, Pu’er and Lincang in Yunnan Province. Among them, more than 200 elephants live outside Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve, which overlaps or even overlaps with the living range of local residents. < p > < p > the reporter learned in the interview that, generally speaking, the traditional methods to solve the “human elephant conflict” mainly rely on artificial alarm, setting off firecrackers, burning fire, etc. in recent years, with the development of science and technology, elephant fence and UAV monitoring have been introduced for monitoring and early warning. However, due to the coverage of network signals and weather changes, it is still difficult to be accurate Master the movement track of the elephant group. Today, thanks to the precise positioning of Beidou system and the unique short message technology, the unsolved problem of “human image conflict” has ushered in a ray of dawn. < p > < p > in July this year, Ma Yun launched an initiative on Alibaba’s intranet, calling on employees to work together to solve human image conflicts and to find sustainable solutions with technology. After in-depth communication with commercial satellite company Jiutian microsatellite, Ali team proposed a scheme combining the hardware system of elephant monitoring terminal with the software system of cloud platform. In September 24th, the first meeting with the public was held in the “the Bund conference” sponsored by Alipay and ant group in Shanghai municipal government. The “elephant collars” with a circumference of over 3 meters in the exhibition area attracted a large number of spectators to stop. Xie Tao, founder and CEO of Jiutian MICROSTAR, introduced that the elephant collar adopts Beidou high-precision navigation and positioning technology, Beidou short message information return and Nb IOT information return, which are used together with the cloud platform, and can timely monitor the elephant’s trajectory. According to the introduction, using Beidou high-precision navigation and positioning, the electronic fence built into the “elephant collar” divides the wild elephant activity area into “Habitat safety zone”, “buffer zone” and “human elephant conflict zone”. < / P > < p > when the collar detects that the elephant leaves the habitat and goes to the “buffer zone” at the edge of the forest, the system will trigger a positioning and reporting once every 200 steps of movement, so as to provide the management department with early warning of “human elephant conflict”. < / P > < p > when an elephant enters the “human elephant conflict zone”, it will trigger and report positioning once every 100 steps, providing accurate location for conflict monitoring and driving teams to arrive, and reducing personnel damage and financial loss caused by wild elephant invasion. < / P > < p > in addition, considering the forest environment, elephant living habits, protection research needs and other factors, the technical team also adopted a variety of processes to strengthen the collar structure, to ensure that it can meet the actual needs of long-term work, high-level waterproof, tensile and impact resistance, adjustable size, etc., and has the advantages of low power consumption, high reliability and high positioning accuracy. Asian elephant is typical and representative in wildlife protection, management and scientific research. Xie Tao said, “the cooperation of elephant collars is a very typical satellite application scenario demonstration, and relevant technologies and programs can be extended to the protection of a variety of rare animals.” < / P > < p > it is reported that the relevant technical teams of Jiutian Weixing and Ali will go to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, in the near future, to carry out the collar wearing test and carry out the measurement of the “human image conflict” solution. Global Tech