In order to solve the problem of disorderly parking of Internet rental bicycles, Shenzhen took the lead in using Beidou high-precision positioning technology in Taoyuan Street of Nanshan District to test and preview the management mode of “fixed-point parking and inventory settlement” for Internet bicycles. On the basis of summarizing the preliminary tests, Shenzhen officially launched the pilot work of high-precision fixed-point parking of Internet rental bicycles recently, expanding the experimental scope to Xili street, Taoyuan Street, Xin’an street and Xixiang street in Nanshan District. Shenzhen Transport Bureau has issued the “three phases of satellite navigation system” to promote the application of satellite navigation system in Shenzhen transportation industry With the work plan of Beidou high precision positioning technology, we can quickly promote the fixed-point parking management of Internet bicycles based on Beidou high-precision positioning technology. < / P > < p > the pilot project was guided by Shenzhen Transportation Bureau, with active participation and close cooperation of Qingju, Hailuo and meituan, etc. As a competent department, the Municipal Transportation Bureau accurately maps the coordinates of bicycle parking box, provides necessary public information for all Internet bicycle business enterprises, and coordinates various forces to provide support for the pilot project. < / P > < p > as an Internet bicycle business enterprise, the first is to launch (replace) the new Beidou high-precision positioning vehicle in the pilot area, and the positioning accuracy is required to reach sub meter level. The second is to reengineer the existing service process, which requires users to pick up and return vehicles at fixed points and put them into the column (parking box) for settlement in the form of service agreement; the third is to process the location data of the high-precision parking box provided by the competent department, and set it as a virtual electronic fence to accurately determine the accurate positioning of “Car + frame” at the same level, so as to timely master whether the returned vehicles park in the electronic fence. So as to realize the optimized management of vehicle pick-up and return, standardize parking, and improve the experience of urban civil vehicles. < p > < p > Shenzhen Transportation Bureau said that the use of Beidou high-precision positioning technology for fixed-point parking management of Internet rental bicycles has obvious economic and social benefits. < p > < p > for enterprises, in order to seize the market, bicycle sharing enterprises still have the chaos of disorderly competition by means of disorderly stop and place. Through the application of Beidou high-precision positioning technology, we can provide more perfect and standardized management means for the industry management, which will standardize the healthy development of the industry. < / P > < p > for citizens, the application of Beidou high-precision positioning technology and the adoption of virtual electronic fence mode can realize the fixed-point parking management of Internet rental bicycles, so as to facilitate citizens to find bicycles online. At the same time, we should cultivate citizens’ civilized car use habits, improve the service quality of enterprises, and enhance the experience of civil vehicles. < / P > < p > in bicycle management, Beidou high precision positioning technology is applied to achieve accurate point to point management, optimize vehicle dispatch, bring win-win effect to the government, users and enterprises, create a new mode of Internet rental bicycle operation, and improve the operation and management efficiency. High precision positioning can make enterprises track bicycles more effectively, improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance, realize intelligent scheduling management, and reduce asset operation costs. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days