Simba was formally investigated by Guangzhou Baiyun Market Supervision Bureau for the fact that the bird’s nest was sugar water, and was finally fined 900000 yuan. His personal account was also blocked by Kwai Fu official for 60 days. However, one wave has not been leveled, and another wave has arisen. Recently, regarding the sale of “Bentley moon cakes” by Xin Youzhi, Bentley China said that it did not cross-border produce the moon cakes, nor was it authorized to produce them. This is not “Bentley moon cakes”. The behavior of Xin Youzhi’s live broadcast has nothing to do with their brand. Bentley China’s public relations personnel have started an investigation to clarify the specific details of the “Bentley moon cake”. < p > < p > the judgment of Guangzhou Baiyun District Court on December 10, 2020 shows that Xin Youzhi’s team rashly put on the shelves without finding out the goods, lacking careful review, and the court ruled in the first instance that both the supplier and Xin Xuan should be held responsible. Xinxuan’s team responded that under the condition of being misled by the supplier, it put the “Bentley brand moon cake” on the shelves. After discovering that the brand was not authorized, it promptly terminated the contract with the supplier. Xinyouzhi’s team did not receive the goods, nor did it deliver the goods to the consumers who placed the order, and it has compensated the consumers who placed the order 1.5 million yuan (cash or substitutes). < / P > < p > it is reported that Simba said in the live studio that the moon cake has been authorized and sold in two or three hundred and one boxes on the market. In his live studio, it costs 99 yuan per box and only 4 pieces per box. Global Tech