According to foreign media reports, Mercedes Benz and its technical partner Bosch are not shy about popularizing valet parking to the public. Thanks to Stuttgart and Mercedes Benz S-class in 2021, this vision for the future is getting closer to reality. Mercedes Benz announced on Monday local time that it, Bosch and parking lot operator apcoa will deploy an automatic valet parking (AVP) system at the P6 parking lot at Stuttgart Airport. < / P > < p > according to the automaker, its flagship 2021 S-class will offer an optional “pre installed” feature that will eventually enable a feature called “intelligent park pilot,” which will allow cars to park automatically based on smartphone commands, for the first time in the industry. Here’s how it works. There will be a space behind the entrance to the P6 garage in Stuttgart for AVP users to leave their cars. After confirming that the vehicle is ready to park, the vehicle will drive itself to the basement of the parking lot and be guided by the infrastructure itself. Once parked, the car will remain there until the driver returns and prompts the vehicle to return to the boarding space outside the garage. Both ticketing and payment will be automatic, so it will be a seamless transition from the car to the plane and back to the plane. < / P > < p > Mercedes Benz is working with Bosch because systems like AVP require more than a fully equipped car. Bosch’s cameras will be able to identify the open space in the garage and send the information to the control center, which will process the data and provide the car with an ideal route from the drop off point to the parking space. Previously, this mapping was done with lidar sensors, but Bosch now has a camera based solution. The preparation of the pilot program has begun. Although Mercedes Benz did not provide a specific timetable, it said AVP will only provide two parking spaces when it starts, and more will depend on demand. < / P > < p > this is not the first time Mercedes and Bosch have tried the concept of automatic driving and valet parking. In 2017, the two companies released an automated Valet system, which works with the E-Class cars equipped to accomplish the task, with Mercedes Benz providing these vehicles and Bosch providing its infrastructure experience. Now, it’s a natural extension, and it’s the first time it’s a choice in actual production vehicles. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia