There has never been a company as special as a rookie. It is more like an association, but it is indeed an independent commercial enterprise; rookies can get the data of various express delivery enterprises, improve the efficiency of the whole industry, and protect Alibaba e-commerce. Express companies are willing to provide data, and there is no clear return. They just want to keep the lost E-Commerce orders and gain the advantages of other enterprises in Tongda system. < / P > < p > for the rookie, the enterprises of Tongda department have competition and cooperation with it, while the express enterprises within Tongda department also have fierce competition within the alliance. At the same time, the business flow determines the logistics, and logistics holds the throat of the business flow. In addition, the status and interest “distribution” between the two sides are extremely unequal, which leads to the inevitable conflict between them. < / P > < p > now it is difficult to define whether rookies have exceeded the promise of “do not touch express, only do data”, because the boundary of express delivery has been expanded. < p > < p > on September 17, Ali logistics robot little man donkey was released, becoming the first scene application robot of Ali robot platform, and the importance of express logistics is self-evident. This is a rookie to express logistics industry “machine replacement”. In addition, on September 20, Li Jianghua, CEO of rookie packaging, announced the “1234 strategy”, that is, in the coming year, 100 city express delivery can be delivered to the door on demand, 200000 delivery points will cover the whole country, and 30 cities will be launched with environmental protection bags to serve 400 million users. < / P > < p > in June, more than 200 million people used rookie wrapping, compared with 100 million a year ago. After doubling in a year, the number of users has increased rapidly, which is the entrance unification of rookies to the scene of sending mail. < / P > < p > for example, when sending mail, the end-user would think about whether to use Shentong or Zhongtong? At that time, when the rookie package unified the delivery entrance, the express enterprises would completely lose the initiative of the receiving end. The price of losing the entrance was that each express enterprise became a service provider of rookie wrapping. Finally, which express enterprise was selected by the user, it was like being turned over the brand. < / P > < p > for a long time, the revenue of express enterprises relies heavily on e-commerce products. In the game with e-commerce platform, this dependence makes express enterprises very passive. < / P > < p > now it is the same logic. In the business mail delivery system constructed by rookie wrapping, rookies still don’t touch express delivery, but they become the entrance of express delivery. < / P > < p > as an important bridge and tool for the connection between novice and access system, in 2015, the rookie promised that the e-bill would be free forever. However, in 2019, the novice would charge a technical service fee of 1 cent for the upgraded one sheet service. < / P > < p > there is a small game in the middle. Tongda system can choose whether to use one or two sheets of bills voluntarily. However, the cost of two sheets of bills is more expensive. It can save a lot of expenses to pay the rookies in the name of technical service fee. < / P > < p > although it is only one cent, it is from 0 to 1. It also means that as a rookie referee, the rules of the league can be changed. The unequal status of both sides makes the express enterprises have lower and lower discourse power in the rookie alliance. < / P > < p > from the user end of the rookie wrapping, intelligent express cabinet, rookie post station, mail cabinet, to the industrial park and rookie warehouse in the warehouse; sorting robot and distribution robot at the technical level; danniao (later renamed as rookie direct delivery), hummingbird and Xiniao at the distribution end. < / P > < p > rookies still don’t have a courier or a car, but just like the franchise outlets of express companies, rookies join in all the express elements and become the largest express company. < / P > < p > according to the development rhythm of rookies, when all aspects of express delivery are occupied by rookies, express companies will become logistics enterprises sooner or later, only responsible for the transportation of branches and trunk lines. < p > < p > at the rookie Logistics Conference in 2018, rookie president Wan Lin announced that: in the next three years, rookie packaging and its partners will provide new delivery services for more than 1 billion person times a year. The rookie post station will build 100000 community level sites, and the rookie IOT technology and express industry will jointly connect 100 million intelligent logistics terminals. < / P > < p > among them, there are 100000 rookie stations. This data is very terrible. Ordinary people may have no idea about the express outlets that used to be all over the streets of the city. < / P > < p > according to the financial report data of four links and one Da, Tongda is a five express company, with a total of 160000 franchise outlets, including 29000 Shentong, 32000 Yuantong, 30000 Zhongtong, 42000 Baishi Huitong and 27000 Yunda. < / P > < p > coupled with the serious desertification in the city center of the franchise outlets, the post stations with comprehensive commercialization capacity are more efficient than the individual outlets. In the future express delivery process, the post stations are likely to replace the outlets. < / P > < p > What are the advantages of the express enterprises which rely on the franchise system to replace the outlets? In addition, the logistics robot small man donkey will take the lead in large-scale operation in the rookie station. < / P > < p > that is to say, although the rookie once promised not to do express delivery, through the construction of a huge system, the express enterprises have already carried out terminal substitution. < p > < p > of course, express companies are not waiting to die. In the post station and express cabinet of the terminal, although rookies are cooperating with express companies in the development, Tongda Department has not given up its own position. < p > < p > in May, the price rise of express cabinets after SF’s acquisition of express express e-mail became a hot topic. When everyone thinks rookies are winners. Just in May this year, Yunda launched its own intelligent express cabinet business — honeypot smart cabinet. < / P > < p > since the project was established in 2017, yunyun will not be launched until the beginning of 2020. From the time node, we can see that this is roughly consistent with the data dispute of Shunfeng rookie at the end of 2017 and the time node of Tongda system withdrawing from Fengchao. < / P > < p > the smart express cabinet brand of ZTE was established at the end of 2018, and now it is attracting investment and launching. In early June this year, rabbit hi began to launch in Beijing. < / P > < p > it is also worth mentioning that Yuantong’s mom post station, which was set up long ago, now has 16000 franchise stores, and the brand kangaroo express cabinet of Yuantong is also in the layout. < / P > < p > some practitioners believe that Fengchao’s market share after the acquisition of express e-mail is close to 70%, but this is not the end of the industry merger, but the beginning of a new round of competition. < / P > < p > today’s tangle of Tongda system is that Shunfeng is still the competitor of Tongda, but in the process of confrontation with SF, it is likely to lose itself. < p > < p > from August to September every year, Ali’s layout in the logistics field starts to prepare for the coming double 11. At the beginning of September, Ali transferred 12% equity of Yuantong at a price of 6.6 billion yuan. After the transaction, Ali and the persons acting in concert will hold 22.5% of Yuantong shares. Can this deep binding really maximize the benefits? I’m afraid not. Just a year ago, Alibaba’s participation in Shentong in August 2019 may lead to the change of the actual controller of Shentong, and the stock price will suffer from the negative expectation of the capital market and the stock price will collapse. < p > < p > on April 30, 2020, the information disclosed in Alibaba’s first quarter 2020 financial report shows that Alibaba holds 2% shares of Yunda, becoming the seventh largest shareholder of the latter. At this point, Ali finally gathered the four links and one access, and the rookie seemed to be leading the four links and one access, more like ruling the express River and lake. According to media reports, in early June this year, Yunda’s affiliated companies invested 58 million yuan to establish five e-commerce companies. They are: Wenzhou Yuntai e-commerce Co., Ltd., Kunming Yunda e-commerce Co., Ltd., Yong’an Yunsong e-commerce Co., Ltd., Yong’an Yunji e-commerce Co., Ltd., and Yong’an Yunan e-commerce Co., Ltd. < / P > < p > e-commerce has always been the dream of express companies. Because in the whole development process, e-mail is the root of the rise of express delivery, and also the most important factor of the neck of card express enterprises. < / P > < p > over the years, SF has tried to rely on its own advantages in express delivery and tried several e-commerce projects, such as Heke and optimization, but they were unable to break through. < / P > < p > even now, express companies still haven’t given up their attempts in e-commerce, while all companies are trying to do e-commerce, such as Yunda’s youdaiai, Yuantong’s Echeng e-products and Shentong’s Shenxian life. < / P > < p > nowadays, the cloud warehouse business of warehousing integration has become the standard configuration of all express companies. From the revenue situation in the past two years, the cloud warehouse business for e-commerce enterprises has become the fastest growing segment of express enterprises. < / P > < p > e-commerce enterprises store their goods in the warehouse of express delivery enterprises. When there are orders, the goods are delivered directly through each e-commerce warehouse. Compared with self-made e-commerce platform, this mode has more advantages in logistics supply chain for express enterprises. < / P > < p > the dependence on E-Commerce orders and the fact that there is no right to speak for “four links and one arrival” leads to the only way out in the competition for express delivery, which is price war. < p > < p > the financial report data of various express companies in 2019 show that the revenue growth is far higher than the profit growth. Take Yunda as an example, the revenue growth rate is 148%, while the net profit growth rate is – 1.88%, which can be seen from the fierce price war. This is why Yiwu will have a miraculous event of 80 cents in 2019. < / P > < p > to establish its own advantages at the delivery end, express enterprises can more balance the dependence on an e-commerce platform in e-commerce. To a large extent, it is more like Jingdong’s big warehouse mode, but it lacks C-end traffic. < / P > < p > from another point of view, when the rookies build their own e-commerce warehouses in various places and franchisees, it is also the reason why express companies must follow up. < p > < p > through self construction and cooperation, the construction of rookie ground network has access to 353 warehouses in 21 provinces and 72 cities in China, with a total construction area of 6.19 million square meters. < / P > < p > the current distribution mode of e-commerce cloud warehouse has greatly changed the path of commodity circulation in the express industry. Many express packages are no longer point-to-point distribution, but directly from warehouses around the country. In addition, the phenomenon of urban center desertification in express outlets has also given rise to many express companies hiring local distribution enterprises from warehouses around the city to send them directly to each site, and then to express electric vehicles for direct distribution. < / P > < p > the rookie undertakes the whole process of receiving and dispatching, and can still reach the promise of not touching express delivery, but the original express delivery has been replaced by new production factors. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple