Changes in world leaders often mean changes in work practices, as well as changes in suppliers and sources for specific tasks. In a column about Biden’s news consumption, apple news seems to be an important media aggregator for the president-elect’s news consumption. According to reports, President elect Joe Biden uses apple news to get news from the world’s media and uses the app to organize headlines while reading other major media. As we all know, the main way for White House leaders to understand news is TV news, while Biden is unconventional. It is said that he relies on the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. He also read articles in the economist and the new Yorker. Although much of what he reads is printed matter, some news is consumed digitally. He also relies on apple news to help him get headlines from other well-known media sources, and Biden pays close attention to columnists.. < / P > < p > the use of apple news and traditional media is in sharp contrast to President Donald Trump’s style of understanding news. It is reported that while listening to the briefing, trump also relies on television to watch news and broadcast reports. Although it is not clear whether Biden will continue to use apple news after taking office. < / P > < p > due to Biden’s improved security level, both hardware and software must be audited before they can be used. According to former President Obama’s suggestion in 2013, for security reasons, the secret service did not allow him to use the iPhone, but forced him to use the BlackBerry, which was certified in 2007. However, President trump has used at least two white house iPhones during his term of office, one of which is a phone capable model with a camera and microphone enabled, and the other one is only used for twitter and news applications, while other functions are blocked. Global Tech