Producer Kanda just mentioned in the tgs2020 online event “kapukun special” that the company intends to transplant “biochemical crisis: Village” (biochemical crisis 8) to PS4 / Xbox one. “While biochemical crisis: village was developed specifically for next generation mainframes and PCs, we are also considering providing a gaming experience on Playstation 4 and Xbox one,” Kanda said “We’re investigating, but we can’t make any commitments. However, we will try our best to create a top-level survival terror experience on the current host. ” < / P > < p > kapkong also released a 6-minute developer log video of “biochemical crisis village production: Ethan’s winter is coming” to show players a preview of the old protagonist Chris and biochemical 7 protagonist Ethan. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities