The bird buddy project, launched this week on KickStarter, wants to draw people into a whole new world of birdwatching. The smart bird feeder is designed to identify bird species through photos or audio and connect to a mobile app to collect each species in a user’s personal collection. < / P > < p > this bird feeder is a transparent, filling container that can hold up to 3.8 cups of bird seeds and weigh more than 2.5 pounds when fully loaded. It comes with a camera that looks like a smart doorbell, promises 5 megapixel photos and 720p real-time video, with a 120 degree view. Connect the camera to your 2.4GHz Wi Fi network and receive a mobile notification every time a “visitor” is sensed. < / P > < p > users are not actually catching birds, but capturing their images, collecting and sorting them in game based applications. The data will also help an open source platform to track bird migrations and populations to help with conservation efforts. However, this will include the user’s location data. < / P > < p > the built-in AI of bird buddy camera should be able to identify more than 1000 bird species. The fact that Google’s quick search found the American Museum of natural history suggests that there may be 18000 bird species throughout the world. < / P > < p > if there is no clear self portrait or video clip of the bird in the camera, bird buddy still has a chance to recognize it. The camera’s microphone and artificial intelligence are designed to identify birds through songs and photos. Once the bird is identified, you will unlock the species badge in the corresponding app. < / P > < p > now, the super early bird price of this intelligent bird feeder is 219 US dollars / piece. Additional accessories include wall mount, fence mount or Chrysanthemum ball bracket, each sold separately. The goal of the bird buddy project is to deliver to KickStarter supporters by September 2021. Interested people can learn more about the event on their KickStarter page. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park