April Christina Curley, a former Google employee, said she was fired from the technology giant in September, business insider reported. She claimed on Monday that her manager had told her that her way of speaking with a strong Baltimore accent was a disability;. < / P > < p > April Christina Curley is a black woman who started working for Google in 2014 as a diversified recruiter. In a tweet released on Monday night, she talked about leaving the company in September. < / P > < p > Curley said she was & quot; repeatedly rejected for promotion, cut my pay, included in the performance improvement plan, deprived of leadership opportunities, scolded, and deliberately excluded from meetings & quot;. “My jump manager, a white woman, told me word for word that the way I speak (often with a strong Baltimore accent) is a disability that I should disclose when I meet with insiders,” she wrote < / P > < p > Curley said her main responsibility is to increase the number of recruits from the traditional Black University (HBCU). After starting work, Curley said she was aware of Google’s strategy of “excluding black and brown students from its pipeline.”. < / P > < p > She tweeted that she often found “improper recruitment practices, such as’ filtering out ‘resumes of students whose school / University names are’ unfamiliar ‘” < / P > < p > she said that Google engineers give abusive feedback to HBCU candidates when they interview them, and then reject them at the recruitment committee stage. Curley said students were asked in interviews about the quality of their computer science courses at HBCU and criticized as “not up to standard” compared with “elite” white institutions. < / P > < p > Curley said the result of her own defense of minority students was “active abuse and revenge from several managers who harassed me – and many other black women.”. She did not name herself and said she was eventually fired by the search giant. < / P > < p > a Google spokesman told business insider. “We don’t agree with the way April described her dismissal, but it’s not appropriate for us to comment on her statement.” < / P > < p > Google said it had a “huge recruitment team that worked very hard to increase the recruitment of black + and other underrepresented talent.”. “In 2019, we are welcoming graduates from 19 HBCU, and over the past decade, we have expanded recruitment to more than 800 schools,” the spokesman added < / P > < p > Dr. timnit gebru, one of Google’s senior AI ethics leaders, said on December 2 that she had been fired from the company in part because of her internal email about the company’s diversity efforts. Google claims she has resigned. In response to Curley’s tweet, < / P > < p > gebru said: “this person has a heartbreaking description of what she’s been through at Google, which I estimate is less than 10%, and people are interested in adding up her numbers? When we say people don’t want to believe us, that’s what we mean The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park