Amazon, the US e-commerce platform, has allowed third-party sellers to sell baseball caps with the words “black lives don’t matter,” according to the US e-commerce website business insider 22, which has aroused strong dissatisfaction from netizens on social media over the past two days. An Amazon spokesman has said, “the problem product is no longer available.” To 21, the website has no longer sold this hat, the seller’s page has been deleted. < p > < p > according to the business insider website, an Amazon spokesman said in an interview that “the problem product is no longer available.” “All sellers must comply with our sales guidelines or they will be subject to penalties, including the possibility of cancelling their accounts.” According to the report, Alexandra Wilson, a lawyer in Essex, UK, posted a screenshot of the hat on twitter on the 20th, saying “it can’t be.” She said it was “embarrassing” for Amazon to sell the hat. < / P > < p > dozens of other Twitter users were shocked, calling the hat “racist trash” and questioning why Amazon hasn’t taken it off the shelves as soon as possible. Some lawyers called the hat “blatant propaganda of fascist ideology.”. < / P > < p > another twitter user said that the sale of the hat “is making many people around the world committed to racial justice and solidarity deeply disgusted and disturbed.” < / P > < p > before Amazon took the baseball cap off the shelves, seller imerioi described it as a “good gift,” called the design “unique and fashionable,” and called the hat “eye-catching” and “elegant.”. The hat has two crosses instead of the two letters t in the word “matter.”. < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > “business insider” quoted the independent as saying that after Amazon took off the hat, Wilson said Amazon needed “a better examination of their descriptions and photos, because this is not the first time this has happened.” According to the report, in August, David Lammy, a British Labour MP and shadow justice minister, disclosed on twitter that the description of a pair of leather shoes on Amazon platform contained racist language. “This pair of brown shoes I bought tonight is a slight affront to racism. Is this in 2020 or 1720? Please remove it from Amazon. ” < p > < p > last week, Amazon came under fire for putting third-party sellers on shelves with T-shirts printed “let’s get rid of Down syndrome.”. Amazon pulled the product off the shelves after receiving complaints and petitions that received more than 25000 signatures. < p > < p > according to the “business insider” website, in Amazon’s policy on “offensive and controversial items”, Amazon said, “no products that promote, incite or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious bigotry, or institutional businesses with such views are not allowed.” Amazon said it would take action when the seller violated the policy, including immediate injunction to stop, destroy inventory and terminate the business relationship with the seller. Global Tech