There are monkeys, white dragons and other monsters in the picture. Let’s enjoy it! Yang Qi said that at the beginning of the project, he tried to create a number of concept maps quickly. From the micro to the macro, depicting the atmosphere and style of the game, and editing them into videos with background music, this exhibition is only part of them. < p > < p > < p > “black Myth: Wukong” is a single action RPG with the theme of journey to the West made by Game Science and is still in production. Inspired in part by journey to the west, the game will have a dark, rough tone. The game time is more than 15 hours, the enemy type is more than 100 kinds. < p > < p > < p > the release date of “black Myth: Wukong” has not been announced. In the future, it will land on PC and mainstream host platforms, and cloud game platforms that can run end-user games smoothly are not excluded. This work will adopt the classic single machine payment mode of one-time buyout system, but there will be DLC and non numerical purchase in the future. Global Tech