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Diablo 2: Remaking

Diablo II: resurrected is the ultimate remake of Diablo II and its expansion “king of destruction” – two iconic works in Blizzard Entertainment’s pioneering action role-playing game series. Thanks to the improved performance of the game hardware, both experienced and novice players who failed to experience the original game 20 years ago can now experience the enduring play of Diablo II in modern audio-visual effects.

Game Promo:

·The authentic experience of Diablo II includes the remade Diablo II, the king of destruction expansion, and countless demon slaughtering adventures.

·Explore the refuge of players’ nightmares, and now it will be presented in 4K resolution.

·The original 2D model based on sprite is completely transformed and completely reproduced by 3D physical rendering. Visual effects update and new animation added, including dynamic lighting, new textures and new spell effects.

·The remade images can be switched freely, and the “original” experience of nostalgic classics can be recalled with one click.

·The entire 27 minute animation was completely remade, with every shot carefully crafted.

·The sound effect has been reproduced in Dolby 7.1 surround sound.

·Choose your adventure – seven of the greatest warriors of sanctuary are waiting for you in the iconic campfire interface – Amazon, assassin, barbarian, Druid, necromancer, Paladin and wizard. Each warrior can be customized freely, and players can explore endless collocations and equipment.

·I’d like to reminisce with many old friends like dicard Kane and angel of justice Tyrell.

·The new type of Diablo includes solid RPG character training, in-depth object matching, and intense fighting.

·Extend to a new generation — the inheritance of dark style will be launched for the first time in Xbox series x|s, Xbox one, PlayStation? 5, PlayStation? 4, and Nintendo switch ™ And it fully supports the cross platform games of windows? PC and its compatible platforms.

·You can experience Diablo II: recurred on your own, or go with friends on your favorite game platform, or even work with eight people.

·Bravely break into the tower of forgetting, cut through the thorns in the forest of Kurast, attack the gate of hell and defeat Diablo. Then he ascended to the top of arete and faced Baal, the king of destruction, in the stone fortress of the world.

·PC technology testing is about to start – now it’s open on

The hero returns Diablo 2: Remaking brings multiple character choices into the modern game era. It is completely reproduced in 3D, providing players with a wealth of playing methods and matching options. Amazon, barbarians, necromancers, paladins and wizards will join assassins and druids in the king of destruction expansion.

…… Meet the devil. Against andaril, Durrell, Mephisto, Diablo and bar – the most formidable enemies in hell. Only by defeating them can you meet greater challenges in nightmares and hell.

The better the item system is, the richer the repeat play is. Declare war on the demons of blazing hell and you will get rich rewards. Powerful equipment upgrades include hidden gold weapons and armor, set items, runes and rune words, amulets, and more.

Diablo 4

Blizzard also revealed the ranger of Diablo 4, including a dark animation trailer and a new video on how to play the player’s profession. Ranger is a fast and deadly occupation with high mobility and unmatched comprehensive ability. Ranger players can choose a variety of combat methods, attack the enemy or set traps at will, and can use toxins, shadow magic and specialized skills to enhance combat effectiveness.

Detailed introduction to Ranger & amp; game real machine display:

Rangers will sit around the campfire with Druids, barbarians and witches. This versatile agile character is ready for all possible encounters, mastering not only superior melee and ranged attacks, but also the power of traps and shadow magic.

·Explore the vast and continuous sheltered world, and seamlessly shuttle between five distinctive regions.

·The essence of Diablo’s play includes rich RPG character enhancement, endless dungeons, epic trophies and exciting battles.

·It’s an open world full of deadly enemies, and even a huge multi-stage world leader.

·The new technology has brought more realistic images and a broad open world experience, pushing the Diablo series to a new height of darkness.

·In the new dark storyline, heroes will respond to the call to meet the severe challenges that the world has never faced.

·Legendary Heroes: four iconic Diablo IV classes have been revealed, and one more hero has yet to show up. Each role class not only retains its distinctive core features, but also brings new ideas and interesting ways to play

O Ranger is a fast and deadly career with high mobility and unmatched comprehensive abilities. Ranger players can choose a variety of combat methods, stab the enemy, draw a bow to shoot or set traps at will, and can use toxins, shadow magic and specialized skills to enhance combat effectiveness. This profession is not only the favorite in the eyes of the original assassin fans, but also the demon hunter players will see many long cherished skills of killing demons.

O barbarians will be able to control the new “humanoid arsenal” system in combat, carry four different weapons and distribute different attack moves at the same time, so as to switch freely.

O the wizard can gather the power of elements to destroy a strong enemy, freeze and smash the enemy, launch an attack with a lightning bolt, or summon a flaming meteorite from the sky.

O Druids are savage shapers, able to switch between werewolf, bear and human forms, and to unleash the fury of nature against the demons of fiery hell.

·More intelligent, more lethal, more diverse Monsters: facing a dangerous world, in which there are many strange but closely related themes of the deadly monster “group”, their collaborative action will bring interesting strategic challenges to the players.

·Deep character customization: players can experiment and explore numerous character configuration options, including main attributes, customized talent trees and skills, amazing trophies and new legendary and hidden gold items, runes and rune language combinations, and even customized mounts.

·Dungeons exploration: there are many dungeons that can be played repeatedly, and there are new keystone dungeons. Players will have the opportunity to control their own destiny and specify the types of challenges they want to meet in the dungeons.

·Dark new chapter: This is a bleak period in the history of sheltered land. Human beings have been trapped deeper and deeper in the dark age of chaos. Lilith has returned to the sanctuary. Players have to set foot in this broken country to discover more information.

·Wide open world: you will travel in five different areas, explore the unique ecology and dangerous enemies, and accompany other players on the journey. You will cross the scorching desert of kekestein, cut through the thorns and thorns in the sogren forest haunted by werewolves, bravely enter the harsh wilderness of dry plains, climb the uninhabited chafeng mountain, curb the threat of growth in the haveze swamp, and bravely face the unprecedented crisis in the sanctuary.