Recently, J. Allen Brack, President of Blizzard Entertainment, gave an exclusive interview to the media in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and talked about the layoffs of blizzard in Taiwan and the cooperative development with other companies. J. Allen Brack said that in the future, the Southeast Asian market will be entrusted to the Australian team (including Hong Kong and Taiwan).


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Blizzard (Taiwan) office corner

Although Blizzard’s development of “world of Warcraft: Shadow country” last year was delayed due to the impact of home work, the overall financial report is still the same as that of other major game companies, which is the industry benefiting from the epidemic. However, there have been many layoffs, including the closure of the French branch with a long history, and the massive layoffs of the East Asian branch of blizzard in Taiwan.

In this regard, J. Allen said that the main reason is the trend and change of the general direction. The launch of the game is aimed at the whole world. Now there is no need to carry out special marketing and publicity in specific regions. Moreover, the popularity of the Internet has brought people closer and closer. That’s why he made this decision. In the future, we will interact with players in a small scale and more scientific way.

Allen Adham said that he has helped his employees through the transition period. The company’s core values have not changed. In the future, the Australian branch will be mainly responsible for Southeast Asia (including Taiwan and Hong Kong).

J. Allen Brack also talked about the mobile game Diablo: immortality. He said that Diablo: immortality is based on the importance of Asian players and the development of mobile games in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places. Therefore, it is feasible to cooperate with companies with similar game experience, but Blizzard will supervise the design and development quality of the whole game. In the future, there will be opportunities to refer to this model in other markets.