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Q: Warcraft 3: Remaking suffered Waterloo in public praise last year. Will the company reduce the degree of outsourcing in the remaking process of classic games in the future? How can remaking works strike a balance between maintaining classic elements and meeting the needs of modern Games?

J. Allen Brack: we made a lot of mistakes during the launch of Warcraft 3: remaking, including the execution of the game, communication with players, and a big gap with players’ expectations. We have all learned from these mistakes, and we will not make them again, let alone when Diablo 2 is remade.

Take the Remaking of StarCraft as an example, which is a game highly praised and recommended by the global game families. At that time, we made remaking with great respect and great care, for fear that the original game would be affected and make it not like the original star. At that time, we had a one click switching mechanism, which was very good. It could enable players to switch from 2D to high-quality mode, and we could see what the developers were like We didn’t do this when we launched Warcraft 3: remaking. This time we will do it in Diablo 2, and we will stick to this principle to launch remaking.

Allen Adham: actually, I can use another example to illustrate how we think about co developing games, rather than completely outsourcing. Generally speaking, Blizzard will not completely outsource the development work, because we want to ensure the best quality.

Take Diablo: immortality as an example. Based on the attention paid to Asian players and the current development of mobile game market in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions of Asia, we think it is feasible to cooperate with a local company with rich experience in developing similar games. Of course, the premise is that we can directly supervise the design and development quality of the whole game to ensure that the game faithfully presents the Blizard style. In the future, when we have the opportunity to develop games with other companies in other markets, we can refer to this model.

Q: according to the report of Bloomberg, Saudi Arabia has invested in Activision Blizzard. Will this affect Blizzard’s product planning?

J. Allen Brack: it won’t make any difference. For us, making games is about making the best games and giving players the best experience. So the stock in whose hands, will not affect our production of game content, this is not the focus of our consideration, we just want to make the best game. It is understood that in addition to investing in us, this fund also invests in other game production companies, and Blizzard’s core value is to put game fun first.

Allen Adham: in fact, I’m in charge of many Blizzard games, but this is the first time I’ve heard about Saudi funds, so you know we won’t be affected by this (laughter).

Q: what is the impact of the epidemic on the progress of game development? Is there any plan to launch a new IP?

J. Allen Brack: the epidemic still has a considerable impact on us, mainly in terms of work efficiency and progress. You can remember that the launch date of the original world of Warcraft expansion was announced, and soon it was postponed. The biggest reason was that the R & D team had to work at home at that time, which was really affected by the epidemic.

Allen Adham: for the part of the new IP, I will answer it indirectly. In fact, Blizzard has made many new games and fostered many teams in the past 30 years, and the masterpieces are familiar to everyone. There are also some early works, such as lost Vikings and black thorns, which were made by the early teams. We hope that only by leaving talents behind can we have more new games and create more game world views in the next 30 years.

I can only say that at present, new game resources are very rich. Although it is impossible to publish new IP, when a new IP production team says it is ready and the game is ready, you will see what the new works are.

Q: many StarCraft fans are concerned about the future of StarCraft series. Is it possible to develop new works in the future?

J. Allen Brack: absolutely. Although we didn’t announce the news about StarCraft in blizzcolline today, many employees of the company, including me, are fans of StarCraft. For Blizzard, this work is also a milestone for our company to move to a new height. We all look forward to its future development.