Torch torch is a brand that mainly produces the peripheral products of blood and soul of darkness. Recently, they have launched two necklaces inspired by the Knights of cainhurst and the gunpowder keg gang. These two necklaces are made of replica badges of the two factions. They are expensive, and those who dare to buy them are also fans of blood. Cainhurst badge is sold for 20000 yen (about 1287 yuan) and will be on sale in November 2020. The flaming hammer badge is priced at 17500 yen (about 1126 yuan), and will be available in December 2020. < / P > < p > these two necklaces are silver jewelry, and each cainhurst badge has a different degree of fading treatment, so each one looks slightly different. The hammer of fire medal is made of 30% silver and 70% copper. It has undergone a special process to present its final appearance. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park