From the name, you may doubt it, a car built on the s 1000RR super bike, but this time the M element played a key role in this car. < / P > < p > first, engineer m redesigned the s 1000RR in-line four cylinder engine, which added longer titanium connecting rod to the motorcycle and redesigned lighter piston and even titanium valve. The engine retains the shift cam variable valve timing technology of s 1000. The new engine configuration delivers 212 horsepower and 83 LB ft torque at 14500 rpm. < / P > < p > in addition to the engine, the motorcycle has received several other upgrades to the M design, including a lighter swing arm and new m brand brake calipers. Carbon fiber wheels are standard and the new titanium exhaust system is standard, which is nearly 7.5 pounds lighter than the previous version. < / P > < p > although the m 1000RR pays great attention to the performance on the track, it still has a lot of emphasis on road comfort, such as heating handlebars, hill start control, fast shift device with up and down gear, etc. In addition, the six axis inertial measurement unit and all intelligent, lean sensitive safety and performance systems also make the car possible. < / P > < p > in addition to the wealthy people who are heavily addicted to two wheelers, BMW is also targeting teams that use the m1000rr. This is where the company offers competitive packages on already insane machines, such as lighter swing arms, MGPS loop rate triggers, m carbon packs, DLC coated m endurance chains, passenger bags, and so on. Global Tech