The steering wheel and brake are the most important safety parts of the vehicle. When problems occur, they will have a great impact on the driving safety. Therefore, car owners are most concerned about the safety of these parts. In Hangzhou, Ms. Chen has recently suffered an abnormal failure of the BMW X3 steering wheel locking. Now, in retrospect, she can still feel a cold sweat. The 4S store gave a reply saying that there was no fault, which was even more difficult for car owners to understand. According to media reports, Ms. Chen of Hangzhou bought a BMW X3 at hechengzhibao 4S store in Hangzhou two months ago. But a few days ago, when she was queuing up to wash the car, she found that the steering wheel suddenly locked up and couldn’t turn. Moreover, the dashboard also jumped out of the fault light. < / P > < p > after such a situation, Ms. Chen first contacted the 4S store. Under the guidance of the 4S store, ask her to turn off the engine first and then restart it. After the restart, the steering wheel of the vehicle also returned to normal, turning and turning normally. However, with such a serious fault in the vehicle, Ms. Chen can’t relax. The BMW X3 was then sent to the 4S store for maintenance. But Ms. Chen was not satisfied with the test results given by the 4S store. < / P > < p > the 4S store found that there was no fault with the vehicle and no fault code was reported. Therefore, the 4S shop thinks that there is no problem with the vehicle, which is entirely caused by the improper operation of the owner when driving. < / P > < p > but in the view of the owner, Ms. Chen, the steering wheel of the car is locked, but the 4S store can’t find out the fault, which makes her very worried about the quality of this car. In this regard, the marketing manager of the 4S store said that no problems were found under the inspection of technicians. At the same time, it was preliminarily determined that the car owner killed the steering wheel in one direction for a long time, which caused the temperature of the electronic booster of the vehicle to be too high. After starting the protection program, the steering wheel was locked. < / P > < p > after the steering wheel couldn’t move, I tried my best to see if the steering wheel could still turn. That is to say, I accidentally killed the steering wheel at this time, but the fault existed before it was killed. However, after learning that the replacement of the steering gear will cause great damage to the vehicle, Ms. Chen is also exploring a more appropriate solution with the 4S shop. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today