But the PC hardware configuration requirements of this game have changed. The minimum remaining space requirement was 70gb. Now it has doubled to 150gb. < / P > < p > before, a representative of a manufacturer said that the size of the current version is about 80GB, while the preemptive experience version only contains the first act, and the full version has three acts in total. This does not include the following new races, new preset roles and multi language support. < / P > < p > the earliest PC version configuration requirements were announced in August. Now, except for hard disk space, the rest has not changed, and the requirements for computer configuration are not very high. Manufacturers have said that with the subsequent optimization of the game, the computer configuration requirements will be slightly reduced. < / P > < p > earlier today, Michael douse, the Distribution Director of La rion studios, tweeted that the installation space for bode gate 3 is around 80GB, but leaving 150gb of space is “good for u”. Some players don’t buy this explanation, but at present we can only accept it. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities

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