BOE BOE, a panel manufacturer, not only supplies panels for many famous brands, but also introduces its own brand display products. Recently, BOE flagship store has put on a 27 inch BOE optical smart screen, which integrates usb-c interface and can expand the use of mouse and keyboard peripherals. BOE optical smart screen adopts 27 inch ads-ips hard screen developed by BOE BOE, with resolution of 2560 × 1440, and professional gamma technology of BOE, which makes the details of dark part clearer and the image quality of bright part unaffected. < p > < p > the BOE optical smart screen adopts a soft, wide viewing angle fog screen, with a viewing range of 178 degrees, a refresh rate of 75Hz, and a 122% sRGB wide color gamut, which makes the experience more realistic. < / P > < p > for users who stay up late, the display will be adjusted to low brightness. BOE optical smart screen adopts DC dimming, low brightness and no flicker. It has passed the German TUV Rhein low blue light eye protection certification, reducing harmful blue light in 415nm ~ 455nm band and avoiding long-term fatigue. < / P > < p > the BOE optical smart screen has three video input interfaces, namely HDMI interface, DP interface and usb-c interface, as well as 3.5mm audio output port and two usb-a3.0 peripheral interfaces. The usb-c interface supports video signal transmission, and the notebook can also use usb-a, including mouse, keyboard, headset and other peripherals. < / P > < p > different users have different desktop environment and sitting posture. A monitor needs to adapt to different environments and must be equipped with multi-functional bracket. The BOE optical smart screen is equipped with a multi-functional rotating lifting bracket, which supports up and down 120mm, – 6 ° + 22 ° elevation angle, 90 ° horizontal and vertical screen rotation, and – 45 ° + 45 ° left and right rotation. Both horizontal and vertical screen modes can be adjusted to suit their own use position. < / P > < p > BOE’s 27 inch optical smart screen adopts usb-c interface to connect notebook phones conveniently, and supports extended usb-a peripherals for easy use. At present, it is in the pre-sale period. The retail price is 1999 yuan. During the pre-sale period, 1699 yuan can be obtained. Interested partners can get on the bus by themselves. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia