Around the corner, apple finally accepted BOE as a screen supplier on the iPhone 12. According to a report from the domestic media science and technology innovation board daily,. Previously, Korean media had given news that BOE B11 OLED samples failed to pass Apple’s review and were not supplied with iPhone 12. The final order was held by Samsung and LG. BOE then submitted an OLED from B7, hoping to provide screens for next year’s iPhone 12s or iPhone 13. < / P > < p > if this report is credible, it means that the OLED screen of BOE B11 factory has been recognized by apple in terms of yield and quality. According to the data, B11 plant is located in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, with an investment of RMB 46.5 billion and will be put into operation in 2019. BOE also has B7 OLED production line put into operation in 2017, and the B12 production line in Chongqing will be launched in the second half of next year. < / P > < p > in addition, reliable informant @ Kang revealed that the iPhone 12 international version has removed the support for 5g millimeter wave, and has become a “special edition” in a sense. I don’t know if this BOE screen will also be a necessary part of the “special edition”. Global Tech