Bose has launched three new frames audio sunglasses, a follow-up to the first two sets it launched in 2018. The two are the trendy tenor and soprano, and the third tempo is more sporty and designed for outdoor use such as cycling, hiking and running. All three products retail at $249 and are on sale today. < / P > < p > according to Bose, the sound quality of all three products has been improved. Tenor and soprano have the smallest, thinnest and most invisible Bose speakers ever. From a positive point of view, their appearance is definitely more fashionable than the previous generation. All three glasses have polarizers that block 99% of ultraviolet light. Bose said their wafer thin Bose system was carefully embedded in each arm of the glasses, without additional parts, visible screws, seams or perforations. Electronic components add less than 50 grams of weight. < / P > < p > according to the company, the sound quality is clearer and richer than the previous frames glasses, but the selling point remains the same. If you can’t stand the feeling of earplugs or just pursue a different experience, frames can provide a personal audio for your music, phone and Siri / Google assistant interaction, while giving you a complete understanding of what’s going on around you. < / P > < p > these outdoor tempo Sunglasses produce the highest fidelity sound of the entire frames collection, with a 22mm driver on each arm. According to Bose, it’s so good that you can still hear music while riding at 25 mph. They have a TR90 construction, custom spring hinges and TPE tips to ensure comfort and stability. You can also switch between three different shapes of nose pads to keep frames tempo still. < / P > < p > the lens is made of polycarbonate, and the visible light transmittance is 12%. Optional lenses are also available: Road orange has a 20% VLT mid light lens to reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as water and snow; off-road blue has a 28% VLT low light lens to increase contrast and clarity in tomorrow’s conditions; Twilight yellow has a 77% VLT very low lens, suitable for use at dusk. Frames tempo is suitable for outdoor use such as running, mountaineering, cycling and hiking. Its anti sweat level is IPx4. < / P > < p > Bose says that frames tempo can fit under most helmets. Unlike tenor and soprano continuing to use the proprietary pogo pin charging interface, tempo has a standard usb-c interface for charging the battery and playing continuously for 8 hours. < / P > < p > the more square tenor and Suprano both have slightly smaller 16mm drivers, but Bose claims that the bass response has been significantly improved compared to the original frames. Both tenor and soprano are scratch and shatterproof, and can be used for about 5.5 hours after charging. In addition to the default black lens, you can also choose the color. Tenor has mirror blue and silver, soprano has rose gold and purple gradients. Tempo’s waterproof and sweat resistance rating is IPx4, while the other two models are reduced to ipx2. < / P > < p > the three new frames have improved the microphone system for voice calls. Bose says it replaces the previous single microphone with a dual beam forming array, which clearly captures what you’re saying without being affected by wind, noise and other nearby conversations;. Tempo, tenor, and soprano all use Bose’s volume optimized equalizer & quot; to bring out the entire frequency range at a lower volume, while preventing distortion when you turn up the volume. You can adjust the volume by sliding your finger across the right temple. Frames also supports tap gestures and has a multi-channel gesture. Privacy Policy