Robert Playter, chief executive of Boston Dynamics, announced that the company has launched commercial sales of four legged “yellow dog” robot spot in Canada and Europe. Sales of the robot have doubled in the past few months. < / P > < p > spot can climb stairs and cross rough terrain. Boston Dynamics began selling the spot Explorer development kit to U.S. companies for $74500 in June, including robots, two batteries, battery chargers, tablet controller, robot shell, power shell, and python client package for spot API. “So far, we’ve sold or leased about 250 robots,” says Pratt. Our first 120 robots took about seven months to sell, but the second 120 took only three months. Obviously, our business is accelerating, and we may set new trading records every month in the future. ” < p > < p > Boston Dynamics said that spot and its spin offs will be priced the same in Canada and Europe as in the United States. In addition, spot will get more payloads next year, including charging stations and robotic arms. (small) < A= target=_ blank>Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen