According to foreign media CNET, the famous British scientist and writer Hawking died in 2018, but the man known as pop culture physicist is still revered by many people. Now, part of Hawking’s own desk can be used in limited edition watches. The watch seems to be a fitting way to commemorate the physicist who wrote the 1988 best-selling book, a brief history of time. < p > < p > on Monday, bremont, a British watch company, announced the launch of the bremont Hawking limited edition series. “Bremont is very proud to work closely with the Hawking family to create something completely unique to commemorate the life of a Distinguished Professor Hawking,” the company tweeted. < / P > < p > the bremont Hawking limited edition watch contains four wooden discs from Hawking’s Antique Oak Desk, inlaid on the back of the watch. Tim Hawking’s son, Tim, said the desk was “the most precious asset” and the family was happy that its legacy would continue. < / P > < p > other elements of the watch series are also in memory of Hawking. The serial number of the watch is printed on paper from an original copy of Hawking’s pioneering research paper the nuts and bolts of gravity in 1979. The watch also contains meteorites, as well as a night Star eclipse at Oxford University on January 8, 1942, the place and date of Hawking’s birth. < p > < p > in the limited release of watches, the number of 88 was also celebrated to commemorate the publication year of a brief history of time in 1988. Bremont will launch 388 stainless steel watches with black dials, 88 rose gold bands with black dials, and 88 platinum bands with blue dials. < / P > < p > these watches range in price from $9995 to $23495. Part of the proceeds from the watch sales will go to the Hawking foundation, which supports cosmological research and supports patients with ALS. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities